Clarisa Molina Expands Consulting Role, Strengthening Long-Standing Partnership with Azzule and PrimusLabs

Azzule is excited to announce the expansion of Clarisa Molina’s consulting role within the organization, further strengthening her long-standing partnership with both PrimusLabs and Azzule. By leveraging her extensive experience and unparalleled industry knowledge, Clarissa will work with Azzule to further its goal to provide its clients with the tools and services that bolster their food safety efforts and business growth. 

With ever-increasing regulatory and consumer-driven demands on an already complex industry, growers and buyers of fresh produce face challenges that require flexible solutions that cater to their need to adapt. With Clarisa, Azzule reinforces its commitment to the fresh produce industry to continue offering a platform and auditing standards that are highly flexible and based on the customer’s evolving needs. 

With a background in Industrial Engineering, specializing in Agribusiness, a Master’s Degree in Quality Systems and over two decades of real world experience, Clarisa brings a unique skill set and a vast understanding of the complexity of the produce industry. 

Having served as an Auditor and Quality Assurance Director at PrimusLabs for nine years, Clarisa has been deeply engaged in ensuring the highest quality standards within the fresh produce industry.  Her role as the Director of Global Audit Schemes at Azzule further demonstrates her commitment to promoting a grower-focused audit design, with an emphasis on the importance of effective communication with auditees. Clarisa also played a pivotal role in the development, management, and benchmarking of the PrimusGFS audit certification program, actively participated in the GFSI Technical Working Groups, and provided invaluable direction to GFSI during its early stages. Additionally, she provided her expert advisory services to the Leafy Green Marketing Agreement (LGMA) demonstrating her deep involvement and influential contributions within the industry.

“We are thrilled to expand Clarisa Molina’s role within Azzule,” said Nadia Pasco, CEO at Azzule. “Her enduring relationship with PrimusLabs and Azzule, coupled with her exceptional contributions to audit development, exemplify our commitment to delivering the highest quality food safety solutions. Clarisa’s expertise and unwavering dedication will undoubtedly drive our partnership to new heights.”

As a consultant at Azzule, Clarisa will use her expertise in audit frameworks and her deep understanding of client and industry needs to contribute to the ongoing enhancement of Azzule’s platform, certification programs, and other integrated solutions. 

Clarisa’s expanded role within Azzule not only highlights her remarkable contributions to the industry, but also reinforces the organization’s vision of promoting food safety excellence. With Clarisa’s outstanding qualifications and accomplishments, she will undoubtedly make significant contributions to Azzule’s ability to continue to foster innovation and excellence within the fresh produce industry.