CMSA Sustainable Biodegradable Paper Bag “Earthpack,” Wins Prestigious Packaging Innovation Award at CPMA Produce Show

Exeter, CA – CMSA is proud to announce the Sustainable Biodegradable Paper Bag, known as “Earthpack,” has clinched the coveted Packaging Innovation Award at the prestigious CPMA (Canadian Produce Marketing Association) Produce Show held in Vancouver, Canada.  It was presented by Mucci Farms as a Paper Mesh bag, which adds to their lineup of a series of award-winning packages.  “We are proud to be working with Mucci Farms, a company committed to the continuous research and adoption of sustainable solutions” said Marco Bini, CMSA/Nexxt Solutions.

The CPMA Trade Show and Convention serves as a premier platform for industry leaders to unveil the latest advancements in produce packaging and marketing. The Packaging Innovation Award recognizes outstanding achievements in packaging design, sustainability, and functionality, making it one of the most esteemed accolades in the industry.

Mucci Farms’ presentation of the CMSA Sustainable Biodegradable Paper Bag, emerged as the winner among a highly competitive field of entries due to its revolutionary approach to sustainable packaging. Designed by CMSA, Earthpack represents a paradigm shift in environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

“As an organization, sustainability remains a top priority and we are proud of the partnership with CMSA that resulted in this special recognition,” said Fernanda Albuquerque, Packaging Development Manager at Mucci Farms.  “The response has been great, and we hope to further conversations with our retail partners to bring this package to more communities across the continent.”

Earthpack sets a new standard in eco-conscious packaging with its biodegradable material and innovative design that minimizes environmental impact without compromising product freshness or quality. Its bamboo and paper-crafted material features a large window perfect for product protection, visibility, and transport. Earthpack’s efficient production rates through automatic equipment provide additional value to the packing house.

The CPMA Produce Show provided an ideal setting for industry professionals to experience Earthpack firsthand and witness its potential in the realm of sustainable packaging.

CMSA remains committed to pushing the boundaries of sustainable packaging and will continue to collaborate with partners like Mucci Farms to develop cutting-edge solutions that benefit both consumers and the planet.

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CMSA specializes in the manufacture of packages and packaging systems for the fruit and vegetables industry. CMSA vertically-machined packages combine multiple materials including mesh, paper, and flexible film, and offer ample room for customization. The company is also well known for the  design and installation of packaging systems made to meet customers’ specific needs.

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