2024 North American Blueberry Council Awards Nominations Open

Folsom, CA – Help us recognize and celebrate blueberry industry pioneers and thought leaders who have impacted the industry. Nominations will be accepted from individuals in the blueberry industry, NABC’s Nomination Committee, and NABC employees.

“I want to express my gratitude to the industry pioneers and emphasize the importance of recognizing the blueberry sector with these awards,” said NABC Chair Pat Goin. “These contributions continue to inspire and shape our community as we work toward making blueberries the world’s favorite fruit.” 

Nominations for this year’s NABC Awards are due by June 28The nomination process is open from May 13 to June 28. At this year’s Blueberry Summit, Sept. 25-27 in Denver, Colorado, we’ll honor blueberry luminaries with the following awards:

Hall of Fame Award
The NABC Hall of Fame Award honors and celebrates blueberry leaders, growers, and suppliers who have impacted the blueberry industry in North America. The award was established as the council and industry’s highest honor and is open to influential leaders, past and present. Selection is based on candidate attributes in leadership, collaboration, industry support, longevity, and innovation. The value of these contributions is the primary criterion. Nominees must meet the following requirements: impeccable character, outstanding leadership impacting the blueberry industry, noteworthy contributions, and appropriate recognition for achievements.

The Alex Wetherbee Award
The Alex Wetherbee Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the blueberry industry in marketing and promotion. Alex Wetherbee was one of NABC’s founders and a blueberry marketer from New Jersey who was respected industry-wide for his passion in promoting blueberries. Wetherbee was known for regularly saying “yes” to opportunities to promote the blueberry industry and donated significant time to the NABC Promotion Committee.

The Duke Galletta Award
The Duke Galletta Award recognizes excellence in blueberry horticultural research. The award is named in honor of Duke Galletta of Atlantic Blueberry, an inaugural member of the NABC. Galletta was very involved in blueberry varietal development and worked with USDA plant breeders, allowing them to set up test plots on Atlantic Blueberry land.

Don’t miss the opportunity to recognize and pay tribute to industry trailblazers. Submit your nominations today!