Complete Organic Onion Program From Morning Kiss Organic Coming This Spring

Chelsea, MA – Morning Kiss Organic is looking forward to bringing a healthy crop of organic Vidalia onions to market this spring, along with Eastern-grown red, yellow, and white onions. This season, Morning Kiss Organic will again source onions from Generation Farms in Vidalia, Georgia, one of 50 registered growers in southeastern Georgia. A family farm, the Stanleys have been operating Generation Farms since 1945. The farm employs groundwater conservation, groundwater management, and overall carbon footprint reduction to responsibly produce the best quality onions.

“This year we’ll offer a complete organic onion program with red, white, yellow and sweet organic onions,” says Michael Guptill of Morning Kiss Organic. “We’re proud to continue our relationship with Generation Farms – innovators in onion production who are committed to sustainable farming.”

Vidalia onions are hand-cultivated and are only available for a short period of time each year. One of the mildest onions, the way Vidalia onions are grown and raised in Georgia soil enhances the onion’s unique taste, sweetness and texture, giving them their reputation for being delicious when served raw. All onions are high in nutrients, including B and C vitamins, and studies show that onions may reduce inflammation and cholesterol. As warmer weather arrives, consumers will aim to eat healthfully, including organic fruits and vegetables in their recipes – and as trying times endure, enjoying homemade meals around a family table provides more than nutrition. 

The onions will join a full line up of summer vegetables – peppers, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, eggplants, and red and green cabbages. All produce is packed fresh to order with daily deliveries, and Morning Kiss Organic offers highly customized retail programs to meet the needs of each individual retailer. 

About Morning Kiss Organic

Morning Kiss Organic is the organic brand of Gold Bell, DiSilva Fruit and Arrowfarms. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Morning Kiss Organic products are available year round in a range of customizable formats, packed to order. Unique packaging options offer economical packaging, pricing, faster turns and less waste. Always fresh, the company uses just in time inventory management as well as daily deliveries to ensure the highest quality, best tasting selection available. Natural and healthy, Morning Kiss products are always non-GMO. Morning Kiss Organic is committed to sourcing from East Coast farmers whenever possible, and delivers daily to stores and distribution centers.