D’Arrigo New York Wins Distinguished Service Medal

Last week, Matthew D’Arrigo and Gabriela D’Arrigo attended the United Fresh Annual Washington Conference where they were honored to receive the Distinguished Service Medal from the U.S. Presidential Service Center in Washington, D.C..

The award was bestowed by keynote speaker, Marti Mongiello, at Tuesday’s evening reception titled, Cooking for the President with White House Chef Marti Mongiello. He shared his recipes and perspective on working with the past six Presidents, but the overwhelming focus of his address was what we can do as an industry to provide more access to fruit and vegetables for all Americans, especially children.

D’Arrigo New York shares this drive for philanthropy, this country and the people who live here. Marti said, “Our immigrant family came to this country and picked fruit and vegetables in the fields of New Jersey… I served 21 years in the military and retired, and no one in my family ever thought we would produce a White House chef. But immigrants can become American heroes. As a disabled and injured veteran, I salute D’Arrigo.” 

For D’Arrigo New York, this legacy of service has been passed down through the generations. It’s a core value that began with Stephen D’Arrigo. Similarly to Marti, he served in the Navy and wanted to help support his community after founding D’Arrigo New York. Following their father’s lead, his sons Matthew D’Arrigo, Michael D’Arrigo and Paul D’Arrigo have spent decades expanding the company’s philanthropic work.  

Gabriela, who accepted the award on behalf of the company, said, “The overall venue and ambiance also gave you this feeling like you are part of something so much bigger than just your company. I think we tend to put blinders on when it’s just what we do every day, but this really made me feel like this is not just what I do, but truly who I am. Very surreal feeling.”