DLJ Produce Secures Premier Grower Partnership with Renowned Central Valley Grape Grower Royal Madera Vineyards

Long Beach, CA – In a significant stride towards innovation within the agricultural sector, DLJ Produce is proud to announce a strategic marketing partnership with the distinguished Royal Madera Vineyards. As traditional California growers navigate the complexities of farmland consolidation, this alliance emerges as a beacon of support, underscoring DLJ Produce’s empathy for maintaining the sustainability of cherished family farms like Royal Madera Vineyards.

This collaboration unites over 30 years of shared history and commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability, symbolizing a milestone for both companies in the heart of California’s Central Valley.

DLJ Produce, revered for connecting communities with year-round unparalleled premium quality fruits and vegetables, is set to integrate new state-of-the-art processes into Royal Madera Vineyards’ operations. This collaboration promises to modernize Royal Madera’s operations by implementing advanced packing technology, while also carefully incorporating innovative practices that complement and elevate Royal Madera’s time-honored philosophy.

DLJ Produce and Royal Madera Vineyards will be channeling these exquisite fruits through the distribution of the DLJ Produce Razzle Dazzle and Eat Well brands. These brands are renowned for offering the world’s best table grapes, known for their naturally sweet taste and the expert care that goes into growing them.

“We are thrilled to forge this partnership with Royal Madera Vineyards”, said Bill Coombs, President and CEO of DLJ Produce. “It’s a union that goes beyond business, rooted in a mutual respect for the land and the people who nurture it. Together, we are building a stronger supply chain rooted in excellence and sustainability within the produce industry. Our Razzle Dazzle and Eat Well brands are committed to providing the best customer experience with every purchase; this perfectly aligns with Royal Madera’s relentless pursuit of being the best grape grower


Echoing this sentiment, Matt Cerniglia, third-generation grower and Operations Manager of Royal Madera Vineyards, stated: “This partnership with DLJ Produce marks a new chapter in our journey, one that honors our past while paving the way for a future rich in tradition and innovation. We’re excited to bring our collective vision to life, ensuring that the legacy of Royal Madera Vineyards continues to thrive.”

This partnership stands as a testament to the shared values and visions of both DLJ Produce and Royal Madera Vineyards. As they embark on this new venture together, it is with a profound understanding that while the landscape of California agriculture evolves, their commitment to quality, integrity, and sustainability remains unwavering.

DLJ Produce looks forward to bringing the fruits of this partnership to tables across the world, continuing to enrich every plate with health, taste, and vitality. For other growers globally, it is with assurance that this new development signifies an enhancement of existing relationships, with the promise that the foundational principles of DLJ Produce will continue to honor the partnerships that have been the cornerstone of their success.

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About DLJ Produce:

Founded on a passion for excellence and a commitment to fresh quality produce, DLJ Produce has become a symbol of trust in the industry. DLJ Produce stands at the forefront of the fresh produce industry, offering an unparalleled selection of premium quality fruits and vegetables all year round. As a dedicated full-service provider, DLJ Produce is committed to meeting needs nationwide with a responsive and skilled team ready to serve 24/7. From their roots in local farming to their global reach in importing, packing, and distribution, they bring decades of expertise to ensure the highest standards of freshness and quality. For more information about DLJ Produce, please visit: https://dljproduce.com/

About Royal Madera Vineyards:

Established in 1970 by Steve Volpe, Royal Madera Vineyards has become a respected name in the fresh produce market, renowned for its premium California table grapes. Now a third-generation family business, they continue to produce the esteemed superior quality grapes that have garnered respect industry-wide, carrying forward a legacy of commitment and dedication. For more information about Royal Madera Vineyards, please visit: https://www.royalmaderavineyards.com/