Fresh From the Farm: Morning Kiss Organic Broccoli Crowns

Chelsea, MA – Morning Kiss Organic is ready to ship healthy, delicious, organic broccoli crowns as part of the company’s complete line of organic produce! Pack sizes are 14 counts and crowns, however pack size can be customized according to customer request. Choosing organic means all Morning Kiss Organic broccoli is grown without chemical residues by sustainable, non-GMO farms. As always, Morning Kiss Organic works to source produce from East Coast farms to reduce spoilage and carbon footprint. 

For broccoli, New Sprout Organic Farms in Asheville, NC is an important growing partner. New Sprout Farms is a leader in organic produce, and works in partnership with 10 other organic farms to provide the highest quality produce. The farm is also certified climate neutral. 

“At New Sprout, it is our goal to provide the freshest east coast organic produce to our customers, that’s why we harvest to order,” says Bridget Kennedy, Director of Sales & Grower Relations at New Sprout Organic Farms. “We do strategic crop planning with our growers to match our customers’ needs. Planning and partnership is key to keeping our farms financially sustainable. The broccoli program with Morning Kiss has been an amazing outlet for us. The North Carolina spring crop is being planted now for a late April harvest,” says Kennedy.

“Working with organic growers like New Sprout Farms is part of our commitment to sourcing the best produce from East Coast farmers,” says Mike Guptill of Morning Kiss Organic. “Working with East Coast farmers helps to reduce environmental impact by freight and also helps to ensure we have the freshest produce for our retail partners and consumers. The current crop of broccoli is sure to please those customers who are eager for fresh, healthy spring dishes.”

Broccoli is anti-inflammatory, fiber-rich, and high in antioxidants – all qualities that support good health. Broccoli is delicious when roasted or steamed, and also popular when consumed raw with a side of hummus or salad dressing.

About Morning Kiss Organic

Morning Kiss Organic is the organic banner for DiSilva Fruit, Gold Bell and Arrowfarms.  Morning Kiss Organic embraces a “Return to Value” ethos that includes lower costs, operational efficiency, reducing food waste, and managing demand. By focusing on private brands and private label opportunities over highly marketed national brands, we can help our partners lower costs. Utilizing just-in-time deliveries allows Morning Kiss Organic to operate efficiently, maintaining freshness and optimizing the supply chain. By meeting consumer trends with smaller pack sizes, food waste can be reduced. Morning Kiss Organic and its parent companies aim to manage demand anticipating and buffering for disruptions within the supply chain and market volatility.