DMA Solutions, Inc. Launches 2019 Food Trends

DALLAS – DMA Solutions, Inc. is thrilled to release its 2019 Food Trends resource. Free and full of insights on trending topics, this guide is designed to be an all-encompassing food trends resource to inform all aspects of business. From packaging design to marketing efforts, these trends can help brands make strategic decisions throughout the year.

The DMA Solutions team of seasoned marketers saw an opportunity to expand beyond traditional food trends typically focusing on flavors and popular cuisines. That is why they not only did extensive research to determine the trends all the way from “field to table,” but also talked to leading chefs and influencers to get their expert insights into what they see happening in 2019. Trends are fast paced – what is fresh one minute is spoiled the next – which is why the company has also included a calendar of food and cultural events throughout year. Marketers can attend these events, or follow them on social media, to keep up-to-date and abreast of emerging food trends.

“At DMA we solely represent brands in fresh produce, which means we are uniquely positioned to understand the need for our industry to stay abreast of trends that can positively impact our businesses,” said president and CEO of DMA Solutions, Inc. Dan’l Mackey Almy. “That is why, in this edition ofFood Trends, we went beyond the plate and broadened our research on trending food topics.”

New this year, DMA Solutions’ Food Trends has been strategically broken down to help inform everything from growing and packaging practices, to key-messaging and marketing activity, that will help brands drive demand and ultimately consumption.

Food Trends 2019 includes:

  • Four sections highlighting trends along the entire supply chain: In the Field, At the Store, In the Kitchen, and On the Table.
  • A calendar of food and cultural events where people are sure to spot the next viral trends in food media.
  • Trends in Action page full of inspiring brands that are ahead of the trends for this year.
  • “Chef Spotlight” with the top trends, ingredients, and products they predict for 2019.
  • An “Influencer Spotlight” with the top styling and photography trends they anticipate in 2019.

“Based on the popularity and learnings from our 2018 edition, it was important that this installment of Food Trends provide marketers with more robust information and stats that can be used to tailor their brand story and inspire a strategic, creative, and thoughtful approach to their marketing this year,” said Lexi Cassidy, editor of Food Trends 2019 and communications specialist at DMA Solutions, Inc. “Whether that’s by elevating current content or validating the need for a new narrative, we know how important is for brands to have relevant content and key-messaging to elevate marketing and public relations activities.”

DMA Solutions, Inc.’s new 2019 Food Trends is available now for free download at                                                              

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