Frieda’s Helps Retailers Spring into Winter Citrus

Los Alamitos, CA  – Stay on trend with your shoppers by carrying a variety of specialty citrus from Frieda’s this season. Items that once felt unfamiliar, like tart and sweet Kumquats, are stealing the spotlight at restaurants and retailers across the nation. In fact, over the last six months we’ve seen a 30 percent increase in Google searches.

The kumquat’s cousins calamondins, mandarinquats and limequats are also coming up on the scene as bite-sized additions to your citrus set. Calamondins and mandarinquatsare the results of crossbreeding mandarin oranges and kumquats. Calamondins are more tart, while mandarinquats are a bit sweeter. Limequats are a hybrid of limes and kumquats. All “quats” can be enjoyed whole, even the skin — tracking to Frieda’s 2019 poppable trend prediction.  

“We have seen a boom in mini-citrus this year,” says Alex Berkley, sales manager at Frieda’s. “This is a great way to elevate other items that you’ll find on your citrus table, like Meyer lemonspink lemons and blood oranges. With our brightly colored Frieda’s branded pouches and clam shells, these items are sure to stand out on your shelf and drive shoppers to buy. The whole ‘quat’ family is trending, so be sure to stock up!”

In addition to your shoppers’ interest and the merchandising opportunities, this year’s kumquat supply is proving to be of the highest quality. “We are currently sourcing kumquats from Southern California and this beautiful product is full of flavor with outstanding quality,” says Allen DeMo, director of procurement and sourcing. “We are expecting steady yields and pricing through the end of February,” he adds. 

To make your produce department a one-stop for all winter citrus, call your Frieda’s account manager today.

About Frieda’s Inc.

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