FruitFul-Berries Goes Sustainable

Soft fruit specialist FruitFul-Berries has decided to join the CO₂ Correct initiative with their full range of delicious berries. A recent presentation by CO2 Correct founder Schneider,  made the team of FruitFul-Berries, Robbert Leisink, Maxim de Roeck and Kevin Smedts, realize once again how important it is to take their sustainable steps to a higher level. FruitFul-Berries has therefore decided to join CO2 Correct in order to be able to offer their full range of fruits as CO2 corrected berries.

A fresh approach to sustainability

“Like so many other companies in the sector, FruitFul-Berries had been looking for the right way to tackle the theme of sustainability. The CO₂ Correct approach to directly correct the full carbon impact and then initiate effective sustainable measures, appeals to us enormously,” says Robbert Leisink, co-owner of FruitFul-Berries.

“The step of correcting the impact is realized in days with CO₂ Correct. This hands-on approach really suits our company and the fruit and vegetable industry in general. We will focus on sustainable development in the coming years, but we also need guidance in making the right choices. With CO₂ Correct, we look for sustainable steps that have a real effect on our footprint. The customer will be given the choice to have the label applied to the final packaging. It is important for us to make the F&V industry aware of our responsibilities and show them that there is always room for improvement. Of course, we hope that all of our customers will choose the CO2 Correct label in order to bring awareness to the end consumer. It really is an added value for the entire chain!”

CO₂ Correct at Fruit Logistica

The team of FruitFul-Berries and CO₂ Correct have given the starting signal for their collaboration at the Fruit Logistica in Berlin. Stephan Schneider, founder of CO₂ Correct is enthusiastic about the plans of the new cooperation. “It’s great to see three enthusiastic entrepreneurs such as Robbert, Maxim and Kevin can immediately identify with our approach on sustainability. CO₂ Correct wants to make sustainability accessible to the sector and we do this, among other things, by providing people here in Berlin with insights into their impact. Our approach is to make an impact today and work together towards a sustainable future” says Stephan Schneider.