Goldenberry Farms Prepares for Initial Sugar Mango Exports for 2024 Season

The company was awarded federal trademark protections for the item in 2023

MIAMI, FL – Sustainable grower and shipper Goldenberry Farms is preparing for the initial shipments of the brand’s trademarked Sugar Mangos for the 2024 season, in conjunction with a new consumer and retail campaign, “Small, Sweet, and Easy to Eat!”.   The campaign includes children and adults alike enjoying the peach-sized mango, which can be eaten with or without the skin, as well as used in salads and recipes.

Retail demand has been exceptional for the miniature mango, and Goldenberry Farms business development team has been working with distributors and retailers for several years to build awareness and excitement for the new item.

“The el Nino weather pattern has made for a dry season, but we are expecting very good volumes and good quality.   This will be our 4th year exporting Sugar Mangos, and our second season entering into the United States market.”

Our miniature sweet Sugar Mangos have been a success from their initial offering, grown in the tropical climate the Caribbean Coast, and hand harvested by family farms.  The unique soil and climate offer a peach-sized, ultra-sweet mango with mouth-watering flavor and free of fiber.

This fruit has been tremendously popular.  Several years of working to build consumer and retailer awareness, both in person and at trade shows has really paid off.  We expect again this to be a sell-out season.” commented Michelle Anders, brand director.

In addition to selling the fresh sugar mangos in season, last year Goldenberry Farms expanded the Sugar Mango brand to include powdered and pulp “sweet sugar mango” as a food ingredient, and even a branded scent, allowing the company to use nearly the entirety of a farm’s harvest.

Sweet Sugar Mangos have red and yellow, fragrant flesh with a sweet juicy taste and a brix level of 22.  Unlike many other exotic mangos, sweet Sugar Mangos do not have a fibrous taste.   These miniature mangos are grown naturally, non-GMO, and have a peak harvest season of March through June.  The company is investing to develop additional growing zones which will eventually offer a longer season.

The miniature mangos are offered commercially in 2 kilo (4.45 pound) cases, which hold between 17-22 mangos, and will also be available this year in consumer retail packs – allowing grocers the merchandising option.   Specially branded retail kits, POS signage, digital tools, and a social media campaign are all available to help merchandise and sell Sugar Mangos in store.

Sugar Mangos undergo a proprietary pre-harvest and cultivation method, which involves working with growers all year, to ensure the best possible harvest.  The fruit is harvested with an immediate cool chain, and a patented, food-safe wash applied post-harvest to condition the fruit well for travel and the best possible aroma and shelf life. 

Sugar Mangos and Sweet Sugar Mangos are exclusive trademarks of Goldenberry Farms, both in origin as well as in the United States (Colombia file SD2022/0023069)) (USTPO 97292840) (USPTO 97342094).  The produce name is available for use only via licensed distributors, exporters, and importers, regardless of destination.  Goldenberry Farms was highlighted for the achievement in the New York Times.

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