High Rise Broccoli Series Earns Produce Marketing Association Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award

ST. LOUIS, Mo.  – The High Rise™ broccoli series by Seminis Vegetable Seeds, Inc. (Seminis) was awarded the 2019 Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award by the Produce Marketing Association (PMA). The award was created in 2017 to recognize game-changing science or technology innovations that can help the produce and floral industry create better products, processes or other customer value.

The High Rise portfolio includes two varieties – Eiffel and Hancock. The varieties grow tall and feature strong, clean stems with few large leaves and visible crowns that are firm and heavy. The uniform maturity, high yield potential and consistent product quality can help growers achieve efficient harvests through less harvest passes. In addition, varieties in the High Rise™ broccoli series are well-suited for time-saving machine harvesting, an ever-increasing request from growers.

“We are very proud of this award as it provides validation that Bayer is making a difference in agriculture, creating solutions to real problems that can help improve people’s lives and support sustainability for the future,” said West Region U.S. Sales Lead, Drew Johnson. “The sky’s the limit with the High Rise broccoli series by Seminis, and we are excited others are seeing its success as well.”

Developed in collaboration with growers, the High Rise broccoli series has been in the making for about 20 years. On average, it takes Seminis vegetable breeders between eight and 12 years to develop and commercialize a new vegetable seed variety. This time-intensive process of testing and re-testing helps Seminis deliver reliable seed that growers have come to trust and the industry has recognized.

The High Rise broccoli series was selected for the award from 41 nominations and reviewed by a panel of judges that included PMA staff science and technology experts, and qualified industry executives including previous award winners. The Science & Technology Circle of Excellence Award was created to bring PMA members together with science and technology connections that better the future of growers.

“This product is exciting because it harnesses the power of plant breeding to address our industry’s biggest pain point – a shortage of skilled labor – in a holistic way, while also paving the way to develop other new harvesting technology,” said PMA’s Vice President of Technology, Vonnie Estes. “This is a shining example of how seed variety innovations can fundamentally change how we conduct our business. Reducing our growers’ and processors’ stresses while also better meeting the market needs, ultimately that increase ROI and makes these businesses and markets more sustainable.”

If you’d like to learn more about the High Rise broccoli series by Seminis, visit our website at Seminis-us.com. To learn more about PMA, visit their website at pma.com.  


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