United Apple Sales Extends Ruby Frost Season With Strategic Planning, Domestic and Expanded Export Programs Benefit

Lyndonville, NY – United Apples Sales, one of a select grower group in NY who is growing and marketing new apple Ruby Frost, has developed a comprehensive plan to extend the market for the new variety. Since making its debut in 2014, Ruby Frost has gained a strong consumer following for its late season balance of sweet and tart flavor and its delicate but firm texture.

United Apple Sales has developed a strategic approach to managing inventories and its Controlled Atmosphere (CA) program to give retail partners a distinct market advantage with Ruby Frost late in the season. Ward Dobbins, fourth generation grower and owner of United Apple Sales, said it is easy to load the system with fruit and then quickly run through inventory in a short period but that doesn’t really help retailers.

“Our commitment is to be a strategic supplier for our retail partners and plan for their needs to provide a sustainable advantage. With our CA expertise, Ruby Frost’s flavor and quality holds extremely well into the summer season at a time when some varieties start losing their ‘pop’. By offering bulk and bagged options with consistent quality, Ruby Frost has become a consumer favorite and sought after variety from January into the summer with the United Apple retail programs,” commented Dobbins.

Domestic success and recognition of Ruby Frost’s strong storage qualities has helped United Apple leverage the crop with some of its export partners in the middle east and Canada. These markets look to the US as a leader in developing new varieties and providing consistent quality fruit. Ruby Frost fills that role very efficiently and is growing in popularity in export markets.

Brett Baker, United Apple Sales Director, indicated that Ruby Frost has been well received by its partners. “It is perceived as a great American apple with its crunchy, fresh taste, large size and shiny red appearance. We know how to handle the logistics with our export team and the fruit arrives in great shape with the flavor that has made Ruby Frost a favorite in the states. Ruby Frost is a good door opener and introduces our expertise as a full line grower with new varieties under development,” said Baker.

Baker mentioned Ruby Frost is a strong asset to the spring and summer apple offerings with its long shelf life and great keeping ability. “Now during the month of May, Ruby Frost is offering its best flavor profiles of this season. The tartness has mellowed and the Ruby Frost is really a sweet, crunchy and refreshing spring treat! We hope to have our customers continuing to enjoy them into July and beyond,” stated Baker.


About United Apple Sales (www.unitedapplesales.com)

United Apples Sales is a leading northeast grower, packer, shipper, and marketer of domestic apples, pears and cherries. The company has deep roots in the agricultural market starting with its initial farm in 1905. Over the past 11 decades, it has evolved into an integrated produce company that also has import and export capabilities to offer full-year supply assurance and merchandising services to retail, wholesale and canning, and juicing companies. United Apples is a member of a select group of orchardists growing new apple varieties: EverCrisp, Ruby Frost and SnapDragon.

For additional information about United Apples Sales, please call 585-765-2460.

About Ruby Frost (www.rubyfrostapple.com)

RubyFrost was originally developed by Cornell University and is marketed by Crunch Time Apple Growers (CTAG), a group of premier apple farmers across New York state dedicated to producing the highest quality, most flavorful and innovative apples on the market. The organization comprises 145 grower members in the state of New York, representing about 60 percent of the state’s apple production.