Joolies Dates’ Jooliettes Named “Best New Sweet Snack” in the 2022 Expo East NEXTY Awards

Coachella, California – Joolies Dates is one of 23 winners in the New Hope Network 2022 Expo East NEXTY Awards, recognized for outstanding new products in the natural products industry. Joolies Dates’ latest product, Jooliettes Blood Orange Dark Chocolate is named “Best New Sweet Snack” in the coveted industry awards.  

Jooliettes Dark Chocolate Date Nibbles are the most recent innovation to the dried fruit category, offering a new way for consumers to enjoy dates. Diced organic medjool dates, panned in high-quality chocolate offer a fresh twist on a childhood classic. Made with only the best, organic ingredients, Jooliettes includes three different flavor combinations: Blood Orange Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Matcha Dark Chocolate.

NEXTY Awards are given to products that display outstanding innovation, inspiration, and integrity. These products help drive the underlying goal of the natural products industry to deliver more healthful, trusted, and sustainable products to consumers.

Jooliettes Blood Orange Dark Chocolate was one of 73 finalists selected by a panel of natural products industry experts from nearly 600 nominated products across 19 categories. The award winners were announced virtually—along with the two NEXTY Editors’ Choice and the two NEXTY Consumer Choice winners—on September 21, 2022, prior to the in-person show the following week.

“We are honored to receive such a highly desired recognition within the natural products industry,” said Chief Executive Officer, Mark Masten. “I am incredibly proud of the entire Joolies team for commercializing this product and later earning this award.”

“Our goal was to create a better for you snack inspired by the traditional flavors and pairings of dates and chocolate that consumers would love,” said Marketing Director, Amanda Sains. “We look forward to future innovations as we continue to elevate the category and bring medjool dates forward.”

“We are beyond thrilled to receive this award, and I am personally grateful for all of the hard work that the team put into this product launch. We are excited to continue to develop innovative products among the date-snacking category, particularly those that are organic, vegan and absolutely delicious,” said Co-Founder Greg Willsey.

About Joolies Dates

Joolies brings flavorful, organic medjool dates from our palms to yours as a delicious, healthy on-the-go snack. Medjool dates, also known as the King of Dates, are a great source of energy, high in fiber, have a low glycemic index and are full of beneficial nutrients. To ensure the best possible quality, Joolies dates are hand-picked under golden sunshine, carefully packed at peak ripeness and never dried. The Kohl Family Farm has been producing organic medjool dates for nearly two decades and has honed their craft to present Joolies to the world. A joint partnership between the Kohl Family Farm and Venice Brands along with the Desert Valley Date facility, Joolies is a vertically integrated company on a mission to share the nutritious goodness of organic medjool dates grown in the sunny Coachella Valley of Southern California. Learn more at or follow us @jooliesdates for up-dates and date-ing advice.

About NEXTY Awards

The NEXTY Awards is a biannual awards program connected to New Hope Network’s in-person and digital events. They were created to recognize the pinnacle of excellence in the natural products industry, elevating impactful brands and products that inspire a healthy, sustainable future for people and planet. Learn about the NEXTY Awards at