Kapi Kapi Growers Adds Oro Pineapples to Product Offerings

MIAMI – Kapi Kapi Growers, one of the leading growers and distributors of pineapples and bananas in the world, meets retail and foodservice demand with the addition of its new Oro Pineapple.

This vibrant new product is available just in time for the busy holiday season and will be offered alongside Kapi Kapi’s traditional and Crownless pineapple varieties as well as their premium quality bananas. Derived from the Spanish word for gold, Kapi Kapi’s Oro Pineapples features a beautiful, high-shell color to catch shoppers’ attention at retail stores.

“Our Oro Pineapples are especially sought after for their naturally vibrant golden color, which make easy and great merchandising displays for retailers,” said Kapi Kapi Business Development Manager, Doug Bakker. “Likewise, our Crownless Pineapples cut down on food waste as well as prep in the kitchen, making it ideal for most foodservice and in store cutting operations.”

The Crownless Pineapples mirror their name without the top leaves, which help produce less waste while yielding more product per case.

Since its founding in 1987, Kapi Kapi has been a key supplier of high-quality pineapples and bananas to some of the world’s largest retailers and multi-national tropical fruit brands. With expansive growing regions across Costa Rica and a continued commitment to farming innovation and sustainability, the brand can provide steady year-round supply of pineapple and bananas to more than 25 countries around the world.

“The Oro Pineapples are carefully selected after maturing naturally on the plant,” said Kapi Kapi Director, Sofia Acon. “New consumers are loving the sweetness and the vibrant color of our Oro Pineapple and we are excited to continue to grow this new category.”

If you are attending the NYPS this week, feel free to contact Doug Bakker at doug@kapigrowers.com to set up a meeting to discuss how Kapi Kapi Growers Pineapples can benefit your business. To place an order for Kapi Kapi Oro Pineapples, please contact sales@kapigrowers.com. To learn more about the brand, please visit www.kapigrowers.com.

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About Kapi Kapi

Founded in 1987, Kapi Kapi is a family-run operation with over 30 years of experience responsibly growing bananas and pineapple. As the largest carbon-neutral certified banana grower in Costa Rica and Latin America, Kapi Kapi has remained committed to its founding principles of care and compassion for employees, honesty with customers, and transparency with every business dealing. Looking to the future, Kapi Kapi aims to expand its customer base to support retailers in need of a private label partner as well as those looking to differentiate pineapple and banana offerings with a brand that has a story consumers can relate to. For additional information, visits kapigrowers.com or email a member of the sales team directly at sales@kapigrowers.com.