Mexico Drought is Taking its Toll On Limes

[MILWAUKEE, WI] — Mexico is experiencing a drought that is lasting longer than most expected it and it is causing long term effects on trees and lime supply. Currently, 70% of the harvest is being dumped because the limes are damaged, turning brown and are strong quality.

Lime trees in Mexico are in desperate need of rain and as a result, they are becoming stressed. Of all the growers, only 3% of them have water wells that they use in case of emergencies like this one, however those wells have now dried up as well.

As of now, there is no large fruit available and the 110counts, 150s, 175s, and even the 200s will start to get tight as the weeks go on. Because supply is getting smaller, prices are starting to become unstable. The soaring prices from Mexico are making it hard for the United States prices to keep up with.

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