Monterey Mushrooms Celebrates The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines For Americans

Watsonville, CA – The 2015 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) Advisory Committee supported adoption of healthy dietary patterns that are plant and grain focused, like mushrooms! They identified vitamin D, potassium and dietary fiber as under-consumed nutrients. Mushrooms will help consumers incorporate these nutrients into their diets to meet the new 2015-2020 DGA.    

“We are excited about the opportunity to play an even bigger role in helping people achieve a healthy diet,” said John Kidder, Monterey Mushroom’s Vice President of Product Development. “What makes Monterey Mushrooms unique is that we’re the only commercial grower/packer/shipper who offers a full line of mushrooms high in vitamin D. Years ago we worked with the USDA to replicate what happens in nature when mushrooms growing in the wild are exposed to sunlight.”

Mushrooms respond to UV light in the same way humans and other animals convert a form of cholesterol into vitamin D.  By exposing mushrooms to UV-B light for a short period of time, we assist the mushroom in producing precise levels of vitamin D in a natural way.  As a result, mushrooms can provide 100% of the recommended value of vitamin D.  Mushrooms are the only source of vitamin D in the produce aisle and one of very few non-fortified food sources.

“For us, this means more mushroom consumption across America and what better way to promote mushrooms than through their health benefits,” said Mike O’Brien, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “People are changing their diets for health reasons and that’s where mushrooms come in. An easy way to incorporate mushrooms in your menu is to blend them. Mushrooms and ground meat blend seamlessly to add an extra serving of vegetables to the plate and extend your portion size. If you’re looking to keep off the pounds, adding mushrooms to your diet could help.”

About Monterey Mushrooms:

Think Mushrooms… Think Monterey! Monterey Mushrooms is second-generation and family-owned and operated. We have 9 farms around the country to provide locally-grown mushrooms year round. Our full retail line includes white and brown mushroom varieties available  organic or conventional, high in vitamin D, clean-n-ready, sliced and whole.  We also supply the foodservice industry with bulk whites and browns, stuffed mushrooms and a nutritionally rich vitamin D mushroom powder.

Source: Monterey Mushrooms