New Growing and Packing Operation Adds to Big Taste

The Star Group’s new Culiacán growing and packing operation is off and running. Star is producing Big Taste roma tomatoes that will hit the market this week. The State-of the art packing operations, propagation facilities, greenhouses, and test fields have been in preparation throughout the fall. “We are thrilled to be shipping Big Taste romas into both Nogales and McAllen,” said Matt Bates, President of Mexico operations for The Star Group. “The crop looks great and the packaging presentation is really striking.”

The Star Group will be shipping roma tomatoes, beefsteaks, and grape tomatoes, as well as slicer cucumbers throughout the winter season from this location. Given the significant weather issues in Mexico, the crops are still looking strong. “Our goal was to be able to grow and pack up to the standards of the Big Taste brand,” said Matt. “We are so thrilled with our Culiacán team and their passion to be able to achieve Big Taste right out of the gate.”

Romas will be available in bulk format, bags, clams, and a band new top-seal package starting this January. The Star Group’s romas join other Big Taste products out of Mexico that include tomatoes on the vine, grape tomatoes, and Big Taste berries.