Inspired Greens Set to Celebrate its Canadian Roots

COALDALE, AB – This summer, Inspired Greens is celebrating its Canadian roots and Canada’s birthday with red and white Canada themed sleeves.

‘Canada is celebrating its 152nd birthday and Inspired Greens is celebrating a greenhouse expansion and two years of being grown clean without ever spraying pesticides,’ said David Karwacki, CEO of The Star Group. 

Inspired Greens Canadian edition packaging will surprise and delight consumers with the entire lineup completely transformed to create a patriotic red and white display on the shelf. Positioning the brand as Canadian is important as its year-round production in the Canadian climate is unique to the product. 

‘We are proud to be growing in Canada 365 days a year,’ said Karwacki. ‘The Canadian Rocky Mountain water, the sunlight, the climate; the clean north strong and free is just a great place to grow lettuce. And the plastic sleeves that we are using are recyclable and we are continuing our efforts to find cellulose based packaging options for an even greener product.’

In addition to the Inspired Greens Canadian themed bags, consumers can look for 142g and 284g cut and washed Inspired Leaves at retailers across Canada.