Newton Orchards, Key Western Australian Apple Orchard, Deploys DiMuto Solution to Strengthen Brand with Local Farm to Fork Traceability Story

Singapore – DiMuto, a trade technology solutions platform that provides end-to-end supply chain visibility for global agri-food businesses, has partnered with Newton Orchards to commence its produce traceability and marketing solutions for Newton Orchards produce, beginning with the Pink Lady apples this season. 

Using DiMuto’s 4T Suite Solutions, Newton Orchards will tag its apples for produce traceability and supply chain visibility. Newton Orchards will also tap on DiMuto SMART Marketing services to engage end consumers with its traceability story while also working closely with DiMuto as part of their trade network to explore export opportunities. 

Newton Orchards of Manjimup is a family owned and managed fruit growing business founded in 1929. With several orchards located around the Southern Forests region growing apples, pears and cherries, Newton Orchards is one of the largest orchards in Western Australia. The fourth-generation grower supplies major supermarkets in Australia Coles and Woolworths with over 7000 tonnes of apples each year.  

Newton Orchards was among the first to commercially grow Pink Lady apples, a variety that was originally developed in Manjimup.  Newtons have also backed Bravo®, the newest apple to come from the same Pink Lady breeding programme. 

“We are excited to partner with DiMuto as part of our commitment to deliver sustainable and safe food to Australian consumers. By being able to track each apple from the farm to fork, we’re able to guarantee food integrity that customers can enjoy the apples in a way that’s closer to nature,” said Harvey Giblett, owner and manager of Newton Orchards. 

The DiMuto 4T Suite Solution creates traceability for every single fruit as they move through the supply chain by capturing important data at key supply chain stages. Individual products and cartons are tagged with DiMuto QR codes to assign each one a digital identity. These products and cartons are then digitalized through DiMuto’s proprietary Digital Asset Creation devices (DACky). All critical information at each supply chain milestone is also recorded on the DiMuto Platform to truly close the supply chain loop on one single platform, creating full supply chain visibility.

Every apple will be tagged with DiMuto QR codes that can be scanned by end consumers with any mobile phones. Through the DiMuto Sales & Marketing Retention & Awareness Tool (SMART) Marketing solution, consumers will be directed to a product page that gives them easy access to traceability information and product origin. Consumers will also be able to learn more about the Newton Orchards farm, its growing practices and get to know the story of Newton Orchards farmers. Educational information like recipes and videos, as well as promotions and lucky draws can also be found. Consumers are also encouraged to leave feedback on their produce, allowing Newton Orchards to gain important information about the quality of the product and the consumer experience.

Left: Adam Buckley, Logistics Manager of Newton Orchards, with Charlie Opferkuch,  Owner/Manager of Gilbert’s Fresh Market Hilton owner/manager

Right: Newton Orchard Pink Lady Apples with DiMuto Hybrid QR Labels  in Gilbert’s Fresh Market

Western Australian consumers will get to learn more about Newton Orchards’ traceability story in the early November, in a collaboration between Newtons and local premium independent retailer Gilbert’s Fresh Market, Hilton. Newton Orchards will launch a point-of-sale marketing campaign to promote their brand of apples, juices, and ciders. DiMuto will assist Newton Orchards in hosting a digital lucky draw campaign, where consumers can participate in the promotion through the DiMuto QR codes and stand a chance to win an exciting array of products and grocery vouchers.

“We look forward to working closely with Newton Orchards for a fully traceable supply chain. DiMuto’s trade solutions provide growers such as Newton Orchards with full supply chain visibility and allows them to tell their traceability story to end consumers in a verified, accessible manner,” said Gary Loh, founder and Chief Executive Officer of DiMuto. 

DiMuto’s deal with Newton Orchards follows closely after DiMuto’s partnership with Morning Glory Farms, a third-and-fourth generation farmer and grower in Western Australia. To date, DiMuto has tagged over 30 million fruits and tracked and traced over US$100million worth of agri-food trades. With presence in 8 countries including China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Australia, the collaboration with Newton Orchards will strengthen DiMuto’s reach in AsiaPacific and beyond. 

About Newton Orchards

A family owned and operated business for more than 90 years and four generations, Newton Orchards of Manjimup has grown to become one of the most trusted fruit growers in Australia. Our several picturesque orchards located around Manjimup, in Western Australia’s beautiful Southern Forests region, grow world’s best quality apples, pears and cherries for your table – including delicious new apple varieties like Kanzi and Bravo.

About DiMuto

DiMuto is in the business of creating trust. We provide global supply chains with a trade technology platform built on 4Ts: Tracking, Tracing, Transparency and Trust – thus demystifying global trade and enabling collaborative commerce.

The DiMuto 4T Suite Solution, a 4-part trade technology solution combining blockchain, AI and IoT, creates end-to-end trade visibility and forms building blocks for further value creation in trade financing, product marketing and data analytics. Since 2018, DiMuto has successfully tracked and traced over millions of pieces in produce and millions in dollars of trade value on our platform. We work with a global portfolio of clients in over eight countries and five continents.

DiMuto is founded by chief executive officer Mr Gary Loh, who is also the Executive Chairman of First Alverstone Group. For more information, please visit