AI-Powered DiMuto Financial Services Strengthens Presence in Latin America with Colombian Exporter Montana Fruits

April 24, 2023 DiMuto

DiMuto, a global Agri-FinTech company, strengthens its presence in Latin America with the latest financing of Colombian fresh produce exporter Montana Fruits. The deal will first see DiMuto leverage its AI-powered financing solution to finance Montana Fruits’ exports to Europe, before expanding to its other export markets such as United States and Asia.

AI-Powered DiMuto Financial Services Expands into US and Mexico with Grupo Paisano Financing Deal

February 28, 2023 DiMuto

DiMuto, a global Agri-FinTech company, has expanded its AIpowered Financial Services to the US and Mexico through its latest financing deal with Grupo Paisano, a large international grower-exporter of fresh produce items based in Mexico. Financing Grupo Paisano’s fresh exports to the United States, the deal will leverage live trade transactional data tracked on DiMuto’s trade platform and utilize DiMuto’s proprietary trade health and financial AI to effectively mitigate systemic and transaction risks. 

Aleta Planet Launches B2B Cross-Border Payment Services For Dimuto’s Global Agrifood Trade Management Platform

January 17, 2023 Dimuto

By integrating its payment solutions with DiMuto’s blockchain-enabled platform, Aleta Planet is able to offer a high degree of transparency and traceability to businesses and institutions involved in the trading and financing of agricultural products like fresh vegetables and fruit, meat and livestock and seafood products as they move from farm to table. 

DiMuto Launches DiMuto Marketplace to Connect Traceable AgriFood Suppliers and Buyers

July 14, 2022 DiMuto

DiMuto, a global AgriFood Trade Solutions company, announced today the launch of its B2B e-commerce marketplace that connects traceable AgriFood suppliers, growers and exporters to importers, wholesalers, and retailers. The multi-vendor marketplace creates a convenient, one-stop destination for the sale and procurement of AgriFood products.

DiMuto Welcome Patrick Vizzone to its Board of Directors

May 31, 2022 DiMuto

DiMuto, a global AgriFood Trade Solutions company, announced the appointment of Patrick Vizzone to its Board of Directors.