ONE Banana Earns SCS' Sustainably-Grown Certification For Farms In Ecuador And Guatemala

CORAL GABLES, FL — ONE Banana, The Better Banana Company, proudly announced today that they have received their Sustainably Grown certification at several of their farms in Guatemala and Ecuador. The company now officially joins the ranks of the World's oldest, biggest, and most sustainable food growers.

The certification was issued by SCS Global Services (SCS) in accordance with the producer requirements of its Sustainably Grown standard. ONE underwent a comprehensive independent evaluation to obtain what is considered one of the most rigorous voluntary agricultural certifications to achieve. The certified farms were assessed on a variety of factors including: product quality, product safety and purity, fair labor practices, sustainable crop production, ecosystem management and protection, resource conservation and integrated waste management.

ONE is a company built upon principles of transparency, promoting sustainability, fostering social good, and producing the highest quality bananas. The Sustainably Grown certification signifies to the public that ONE is acting consistently with its mission and vision. "We are honored to have been granted SCS' Sustainably Grown certificate as it is just further evidence that we are committed to doing our part to promote the environment, ensure the security and safety of our employees, and grow the freshest bananas," says Bernhard Roehrs, Corporate Director for ONE Banana. "The public now has every assurance that the certified bananas they buy from us are truly sustainable from plant to store," continues Roehrs.

Among the many benefits of being Sustainably Grown certified, ONE Banana is able to satisfy certain retailer and manufacturer specifications, share in information gathering and resources for reducing energy, water and packaging costs, and help maintain employee satisfaction.

This new SCS Certification joins an impressive list of accolades that ONE Banana has received. The Company is also Rainforest Alliance, GLOBALG.A.P., BASC and C-TPAT certified.


ONE BANANA is a family-owned company with operations in the United States, Europe, Guatemala, Peru, and Ecuador. It has emerged as a leader in socially responsible and environmentally sustainable farming. The Company has implemented rigorously developed workplace safety standards, the latest water conservation and rainwater collection technologies, and industry-leading worker benefits. Through its parent company, AgroAmerica, ONE Banana's corporate social responsibility projects include providing access to medical clinics, nutritional programs, and daycare facilities that have benefited more than 19,000 people, across twelve rural communities in Guatemala.

About SCS Global Services

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