Origin Fresh Announces Opening of Transportation Department: Origin Freight Brokerage LLC

Edinburg, TX – Origin Fresh announced the opening of the Transportation Department named Origin Freight Brokerage LLC, enabling produce brokers, shippers, and buyers to utilize their expansive refrigerated warehouse for the consolidation program and reliable transportation to move their produce. Lanes include LTL out of South Texas and FTL out of all 48 states.

“This new development has been extremely beneficial to our customers, who have been pleased with our quality transportation and tracking though-out transit,” said Edgar Alvarez, CEO and President of Origin Freight Brokerage LLC. 

Positive Customer Impact 

Stu Rice, a buyer from FresCo in Bronx NY, has benefitted from utilizing the new services offered by Origin Freight Brokerage LLC. They have allowed him to move his produce more efficiently by using the consolidation program for LTL.

“Origin Freight Brokerage LLC has consistently delivered our produce expediently and offered updates while the product was in route,” said Stu Rice.

Origin Freight Brokerage LLC Availability

Origin Freight Brokerage LLC is an addition created to offer customers competitive rates and is available immediately for lane quotes. 

Origin Freight Brokerage LLC was established with an innovative approach in the produce industry with the promise to deliver their customers products in a timely matter and in good condition.