Peeling the Way Toward Higher Yields and Improving Labor Costs

Dedicated to cutting down on labor costs and producing higher yields, ASTRA Fruit Peelers are changing the game for growers and distributors across the world. Used in over 40 countries, ASTRA’s peelers are proven to produce higher productivity levels when compared to hand peeling and other traditional fruit peelers. ASTRA has more than 80% of shares in persimmon fruit peeling in Japan, making it one of the largest shares in the country.

Ryo Takeshita, sales manager of ASTRA, said their peelers produce a higher yield rate when comparing hand-peeling methods and traditional peelers.

“ASTRA peelers have a high yield rate since it peels the very surface of the fruit skin along its shape. On the other hand, both traditional peelers and hand peeling methods peel the skin with many edible parts left on the fruit,” Takeshita said.

When comparing the yield rate with hand peeling, other traditional peelers, and ASTRA’s fruit peelers, ASTRA always comes out on top as configured below:

ASTRA: 92% yield, 8% waste.
Hand peeling and other traditional peelers: 85% yield, 15% waste.
Compared to traditional peelers and hand peeling methods, ASTRA’s waste on their Apple peelers is nearly 50% less.

ASTRA: 62% yield, 38% waste.
Hand peeling and other traditional methods: 40% yield, 60% waste.
ASTRA’s pineapple peelers use 37% less waste than hand-peeling methods and other traditional peelers.

ASTRA has several different types of peelers, but two of them are most beneficial to growers – especially in the United States.

KA 700H
ASTRA’s flagship peeler, KA-700H, is compact (12in x 12in) and extremely fast, peeling up to 400 fruits per hour. KA-700H can peel over 20 different types of fruit – including apples, oranges, kiwis, lemons, and peaches.
“Because KA-700H is four times faster than hand peeling, it saves users over 50% on labor costs. Growers can see the difference in labor cost any time between one and three months from the start of use,” Takeshita said.
KA-700H is easy to use regardless of the user’s fruit peeling experience. ASTRA’s machine can even peel oddly-shaped fruits – automatically adjusting to fit the fruit’s shape and size.

ASTRA’s KA-750PM is used to peel larger fruits such as pineapples, mangos, and various types of melons. KA-750PM uses its large steel blade to peel fruits vertically. With minimal edible flesh removed in the process, the product yield is over 20% more than traditional hand peeling.

“One of our customers in South Asia used to peel their pineapples with six people. After the purchase of the machine, the same number of pineapples were able to be peeled by just one person operating the KA-750PM,” Takeshita said.
According to ASTRA, when peeling pineapple by hand, 30% of the waste is edible. However, KA-750PM only peels non-edible skin, ultimately reducing edible waste. Plus, KA-750PM saves over 50% on labor costs, making it six times faster than hand peeling.

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