Peelon Takes Fresh Produce Packaging to the Next Level with Peelon-Fresh

Miami, Florida – Peelon, a leading provider of innovative solutions for the fresh produce industry, is proud to introduce the launch of its groundbreaking shelf-life-extending, biodegradable bag, Peelon-Fresh. Being fully biodegradable and home compostable, this bag is a game-changer for the industry, offering a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic bags, while also bringing the benefits of keeping produce fresher for longer.

Peelon-Fresh is made from 100% biodegradable materials, making it a responsible choice for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint. It is intentionally designed to extend the shelf-life of fresh produce, keeping fruits, vegetables, and even leafy greens fresher for longer periods of time. The Peelon-Fresh bags have been tested on over 40+ different commodities, all showing positive results, bringing opportunity to a wide market of users in the fresh produce industry. 

In addition to its environmental benefits, Peelon-Fresh also offers a number of practical advantages. They are anti-microbial and temperature-resistant, meaning that companies can also reduce their costs of transportation by opening the door to non-refrigerated transportation. These films can be easily applied during the packaging process, making them a convenient option for both producers and distributors. Peelon-Fresh gives consumers the opportunity to enjoy fresher produce for longer periods of time, reducing food waste and saving money in the process.

“We are excited to introduce this groundbreaking solution to the fresh produce industry,” said Dr.TarakaRamji Moturu, Co-Founder and CEO. “We not only understand the pain points of wastage in the fresh produce industry, but also know the importance of providing sustainable and eco-friendly options for companies. Our Peelon-Fresh bags are a step in the right direction. We believe that this product has the potential to revolutionize the way the fresh produce industry operates and will have a positive impact on the environment.”

Peelon is dedicated to providing innovative packaging solutions that make a positive impact on both the environment and the food industry. The launch of Peelon-Fresh is just the latest example of the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. These films are now available for trials.

About Peelon:

Peelon is a leading provider of innovative, natural solutions for the fresh produce industry. Founded in 2021, the company is dedicated to providing sustainable and groundbreaking products that make a positive impact on people and the planet through the innovation of nature. For more information, please visit