Peruvian Gastronomy Showcases Full Flavor at New York Produce Show

The Trade Commission Office for Peru based in New York City will be exhibiting Peruvian flavors at the New York Produce Show from December 4-6, 2023. The Trade Commission Office and key Peruvian exporters and importers will spotlight Peru’s culinary and cultural styles while demonstrating the relationship between its food, culture, and gastronomical contribution.  During the show, distinguished chefs will prepare appetizing bites incorporating blueberries, asparagus, avocados, figs, and grapes. 

“Peruvian gastronomy is art and science working in unison and creating unique delectable tastes and techniques,” states Bernardo Munoz Angosto, Director, Trade Commission of Peru in New York.  “For many centuries, the inspiration of artistic creation, culture and fine foods have showcased the exceptional flavors Peru produces.”

Peru became very well known for its gastronomy due to its a mixture of different cuisines, and influences from Africa, China, Japan and European immigrants who settled in Peru. This resulted in a fusion of different cuisines focused on super foods with high quality products, giving the world Peruvian gastronomy. “Peru is a ‘natural greenhouse’ due to its geographical location with the Pacific Ocean, the Andes Mountains, and the Peruvian Amazon,” says Munoz Angosto. “It’s a unique place in the world, representing unique cuisine.”

Having captured the world’s imagination with the monumental flavor of its avocados, Avocados From Peru will be showcasing the versatility and flavors of Peruvian avocados through a food truck at its Avocado from Peru Park. The truck will feature chefs of the restaurant Peruvian Brothers / DC and is sure to generate a great deal of buzz at the show.

Blueberry exporter Athos will accentuate the sweet and flexible attributes of the Peruvian blueberry through the culinary brilliance of chefs from Surfish Bristro (in Brooklyn, NY) at its booth 560.  Additionally, at booth 535, 537 539 will welcome the chef of Jora Restaurant (in Queens, NY) who will tempt and delight show attendees with Peruvian gastronomic stories translated into amazingly flavorful bites.

Peru is the leading export country of fresh products to the United States. 

Peru has been increasing its exports of fresh fruits and vegetables to the U.S. in recent years, taking advantage of favorable trade agreements and the demand for high-quality produce.  Some of the key fresh products that Peru exports to the United States include grapes, blueberries, asparagus, avocados, mangoes among many others.

The U.S. imports fresh products from Peru due to the complementarity of growing seasons and the quality of produce. The U.S. market has strict regulations and quality standards, and Peruvian exporters have adapted to meet these requirements. Additionally, trade agreements like the U.S.-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement have facilitated these exports.

“We are looking forward to sharing all of Peru’s food history and gastronomy with New York Produce Show attendees,” says Munoz Angosto

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