Pom Wonderful Expands Antioxidant Super Tea Line to Include Pomegranate Elderberry Boost Tea and Orange Blossom White Tea

LOS ANGELES – With consumers looking for products that harness the power of antioxidants now more than ever, POM Wonderful is adding two new flavors to its POM Antioxidant Super Tea lineup. The brand-new Pomegranate Elderberry Boost Tea and Pomegranate Orange Blossom White Tea combine the antioxidant goodness of pomegranates with the benefits of tea, resulting in a delicious and refreshing alternative to traditional ready-to-drink teas. The new flavors will join the already robust POM Antioxidant Super Tea line up, which includes a Pomegranate Peach Passion White Tea, Pomegranate Honey Green Tea, and Pomegranate Lemonade Tea.

 The new POM Antioxidant Super Tea flavors offer delicious, ready-to-drink tea options for consumers to easily enjoy while on-the-go this Summer: 

  • Pomegranate Elderberry Boost Tea is an antioxidant super tea, combining the antioxidant power of pomegranate and elderberry with a boost of black tea.
  • Pomegranate Orange Blossom White Tea is a delightfully harmonious combination of crisp white tea, the antioxidant goodness of pomegranates, and the fragrant flavor of orange blossom. 

“We are thrilled to expand the POM Tea family with two new refreshing flavors that offer the antioxidant goodness customers have come to know and love from our expanding POM drink lineup,” said Adam Cooper, Senior Vice President of Marketing for The Wonderful Company. “Now more than ever, consumers are looking to incorporate more antioxidants in their daily routines. POM Teas are an easy and delicious way to do just that.”

The new flavors enter the marketplace at a time when the POM Antioxidant Super Tea line is seeing strong demand. POM Antioxidant Super Tea sales are up +25% in the past six months, compared to prior years. The launch of the two new flavors as well as the entire POM Antioxidant Super Tea line will be supported with a robust digital and in-store presence.

About POM Wonderful

POM Wonderful is the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the United States as well as the worldwide leader in fresh California pomegranates and pomegranate-based products, including our 100% pomegranate juices, healthy juice blends and teas sold in the iconic double-bubble bottle. With nearly two million pomegranate trees in Central California, we grow, handpick and juice our own pomegranates to ensure the highest quality. Sold throughout the world and in the vast majority of North American retailers, our selection of products includes pomegranate-based juices and teas, fresh fruit when in season, and fresh arils.

POM Wonderful is part of The Wonderful Company, a successful, fast-growing privately held $5 billion company with 10,000 employees worldwide. We’ve made Wonderful® Pistachios America’s fastest-growing snack brand. We’ve turned pomegranates and POM Wonderful® into a worldwide phenomenon. Wonderful Halos is the No. 1 mandarin orange in America. FIJI® Water is the No. 1 premium imported bottled water in America. JUSTIN® Wine produces California’s top-selling high-end Cabernet Sauvignon. And Teleflora® is the world’s leading floral delivery service. 

The Wonderful Company’s connection to consumers has health at its heart and giving back in its DNA. The company has a long-standing commitment to corporate social responsibility, including more than $1 billion invested in environmental sustainability; $65 million in charitable giving, education initiatives, and innovative health and wellness programs each year; and $143 million toward the construction of two charter school campuses in California’s Central Valley.

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