Registrations Open for the Fresh Produce Shelf-Life Extension Technologies Digital Summit

Join Hazel Technologies Inc, The Oppenheimer Group, Mission Produce and more this summer at the Fresh Produce Shelf-Life Extension Technologies Digital Summit. This is the only meeting dedicated to exploring key challenges and opportunities in the successful implementation of innovative shelf-life extension technologies, and uncovering novel technological advances powering the new wave of food waste and loss prevention solutions.

Wherever you are along the fresh produce value chain, this virtual event will equip you with the information and partnerships needed to leverage novel post-harvest technologies to extend the shelf life of your fresh produce, in a commercially viable and sustainable way, whilst also improving taste and quality.

At this unique meeting you’ll be able to experience:

3 Days of Learning | 3 Deep Dive Interactive Workshops | 80+ Expert Industry Attendees | 20+ Focused Case Studies | 4+ Dedicated Networking Hours

Access your copy of the full event guide to learn more.

Highlights of the agenda

With 25+ speakers and 3 days of unrivaled in-depth content addressing your most pressing questions, join your peers to: 

  • Discover the changing market drivers and consumer trends reshaping the fresh produce industry to align your strategy with future consumer purchasing patterns
  • Determine how to effectively integrate next-generation post-harvest technologies into your current supply chain to leverage shelf-life, quality and sustainability benefits for your produce.
  • Understand the potential of novel shelf-life extension innovations with key case studies from leading stakeholders across the value chain to inform your future implementation decisions.
  • Discover how to best assess the effectiveness and viability of novel technologies, understanding how to measure shelf-life improvements accurately and objectively.
  • Explore consumer perception of shelf-life extension technologies and discuss how best to communicate with them to ensure they respond positively, increasing sales.

This does not cover half the event content… Access the digital event guide here to see the full speaker faculty and session details.

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