Roast, Relish, Repeat: Hatch Peppers Are Here!

Get Fired up with the Irresistible Hatch Pepper Sensation

Anaheim, CA – Spicing up summer menus and igniting shoppers’ taste buds, Frieda’s Branded Produce proudly presents the season’s hottest trend: Hatch Chile Peppers! With their zesty, buttery flavor, these limited-time peppers are the season’s annual best-seller.

Grown exclusively in Hatch, New Mexico, the “Chile Capital of the World,” these crowd-pleasing peppers boast a certified authentic pedigree that guarantees an exceptional culinary experience. Their bold flavor and smoky aroma make them the perfect complement to any dish that craves a kick of flavor.

“Hatch Chile season is always the most exciting summertime event everyone raves about! The pepper’s limited availability and popularity amongst ‘chile heads’ and ‘foodies’ alike bring a delightful sense of urgency that creates buzz all summer long,” shared Alex Jackson, Vice President of Sales & Procurement at Frieda’s. “They not only deliver unforgettable flavor experiences but also have the power to boost sales and foot traffic in-store, keeping consumers coming back for more. Hatch Chile promotions are truly a win-win for both retailers and consumers!”

One of the standout features of Hatch Chile Peppers is their incredible versatility. Whether grilling, sautéing, stuffing, or roasting, these peppers bring the heat and deliver an unforgettable bold, smoky taste. Hatch Chile Roasting events are widespread around the country as roasting the pepper brings out the smokiness- leveling up the flavor to create an eating experience that will leave you wanting more.

Frieda’s Hatch Chile Peppers come in a high-graphic 25-pound case, which may be used for side-stack displays, and in 1- and 2-pound retail pouches with consumer-friendly stickers guiding shoppers to choose between mild, medium, and hot heat levels. To further support retailer merchandising efforts, the team at Frieda’s created a vibrant, eye-catching display bin complete with a QR code, leading shoppers to tasty recipe inspiration.

Take advantage of the opportunity to add this seasonal, sales-boosting pepper to your produce category. Our team of experts can provide you with merchandising suggestions that will increase traffic to your produce department, lift sales, and help you turn up the heat this Hatch Chile season. Email us to find out more!

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