Rocket Farms Leads the Charge in Cultivation and Care Education for their Vast Array of Plant and Edible Food Products

ALF MOON BAY, CALIF.- Rocket Farms, the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the country is happy to offer an extensive range of advice regarding general plant care via their website. Covering everything from herbs, edibles, succulents, flowers and more, Rocket Farms applies their vast knowledge and education for the benefit of the consumer. All advice can be found on their website.

Some examples include:

Edibles, including tomato plants, can also be placed on counters that are exposed to direct sunlight, avoiding any draft or cold and should be watered daily. The plant produces a minimum of 30 fruits that can be picked ripe directly from the plant, but consumers can harvest up to 150 with optimal care.

Green Goods require placement in a bright location that reaches 60 degrees and above. They should be watered whenever their soil is dry and repotted when it outgrows its original pot. Generally, they are long-lasting easy-care plants.

Succulents and cactus perform well at an average indoor temperature, requiring a bright indoor location. They should be watered every 2 weeks, using balanced fertilizer to assist the plant growth during warmer months.

Flowers, including roses, should be planted with moist mixture, and placed in bright indirect sun indoors. Once the flowers have flushed, trim by one third and plant in full sun outdoors. Liquid fertilizer should be used monthly. Rocket Farms also offers care insight on Orchids, Campanulas, Roses, Poinsettias, Calla Lilies, Holiday Trees, Sun Stars, and Venus flytraps, all found here.

Bamboo plants are adaptable to their environment and serve as good house plants. The clear PVC cover from the top of their pot must be removed before placing them in indirect sunlight while keeping them in water to cover their roots.

Foliage plants are compact and easy to care for, requiring a consistently moist potting mix as well as placement in a bright indoor location that avoids direct sunlight on the plant.

Rocket Farms offer a broad range of products and are committed to providing innovative product solutions that pair superior plant materials with uniquely designed decorative upgrades. Their commitment to quality products and customer satisfaction remains a top priority.

About Rocket Farms
Founded in 1985, Rocket Farms headquarters itself in Half Moon Bay, CA, and is led by Nick Bavaro (President, COO) and Charles Kosmont (Chairman & CEO). With over 7.5M square feet of greenhouse space, Rocket Farms also operates out of Vista, CA, London, Ontario, and Mount Dora, Florida. Rocket Farms produces a multitude of herbs, edible, green goods succulents, flowers, bamboo, cactus, and foliage, and is the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the country. Rocket Farms is a USDA certified organic producer by CCOF and have dedicated 30% of growing space to organic production in Salinas Valley and Northern California coast. They are a Global Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified grower under Primus GFS ensuring the production of the safest food worldwide. For more information, please visit