Eden Green Launches Flagship Herb Program

March 21, 2024 Eden Green Technology

The program leverages Eden Green’s patented microclimate technology and networked distribution model to improve logistics, reduce environmental impact, and increase access to fresh, affordable herbs.

Jacobs Farm Organic Herb Demand Exceeds Expectations This Holiday Season

December 14, 2023 Jacobs Farm del Cabo

Jacobs Farm del Cabo has announced big wins in sales for the company’s fresh organic herb offerings during the Thanksgiving season. The holidays are a time of high demand for fresh herbs, as they add freshness, fragrance, and flavor to end-of-year festivities. Massive demand for herbs far exceeded supply this year. “We sold everything we grew,” said Jacobs Farm del Cabo Sales Manager Christine Miele.

CEA Alliance Publishes Food Safety Best Practices Document for Leafy Greens and Herbs

The Controlled Environment Agriculture Alliance has published a new best practices document Commodity Specific Food Safety Guidelines for Controlled Environment Agriculture Produce Production of Leafy Greens and Herbs.  The document provides guidance in all areas in production of leafy greens, and was developed by the Alliance’s Food Safety Working Group in collaboration with the International Fresh Produce Association (IFPA). 

Duncan Family Farms Provides Promotable Opportunities Ahead of Annual Spike in Herb Consumption

November 9, 2022 Duncan Family Farms

Duncan Family Farms, a leading grower of certified organic baby leaf items and fresh herbs, offers retailers merchandising and sales support with their line of 18 fresh, organic herb varieties heading into the holiday cooking season.

Green Life Farms Set to Construct Fourth Farm in Florida

April 8, 2022 Green Life Farms

Green Life Farms has completed the purchase of a 67-acre property in Wildwood, Florida where it will construct its 4th of 13 planned farms in the Southeast U.S. Located in Sumter County, FL, the Wildwood farm will further expand Green Life Farms’ market reach into central Florida, serving Orlando, Tampa, Ocala, and coastal communities.