Jacobs Farm Organic Herb Demand Exceeds Expectations This Holiday Season

Jacobs Farm del Cabo has announced big wins in sales for the company’s fresh organic herb offerings during the Thanksgiving season. The holidays are a time of high demand for fresh herbs, as they add freshness, fragrance, and flavor to end-of-year festivities. Massive demand for herbs far exceeded supply this year. “We sold everything we grew,” said Jacobs Farm del Cabo Sales Manager Christine Miele.

Demand for Jacobs Farm’s organic rosemary, sage and thyme was through the roof, as well as the grower’s signature Poultry Mix, which combines all three of these must-have herbs in a 4 oz clamshell. Outside of the savory staples, demand for Jacobs Farm’s off-season herbs like organic dill, cilantro and mint, are outpacing expectations for this time of year as well.

Fresh herbs are a promising category as they become more accessible and popular amongst consumers, and category growth continues to gain momentum. Sales are at an all-time high as consumers enjoy the flavors and aromas fresh herbs provide, while also boosting their immunity, mood and energy. Fresh herbs are a must-have for any grocery store that wants to cater to the needs and preferences of their customers during the holidays.

“We continue to be strong on supply now through Christmas, and will continue to expand availability of our specialty organic herb offerings in 2024,” Miele stated. 

Jacobs Farm attributes its success to its commitment to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. “There is no substitute for the eating experience that sun, fresh air, and healthy, organic soil provide for herbs,” Miele said. California’s rich soil and mild climate plus Baja’s warm desert sun provides favorable conditions for year-round supply. To date, roughly 75% of Jacobs Farm herbs are grown in Northern California, with the remaining supply coming from Baja California Norte. 

Already planning for next year’s holiday season, Jacobs Farm plans to deepen their marketing for and grow interest in their full herb mix line, including their Hearty Herb Mix, featuring organic bay leaves, parsley, and thyme—all of which add nutritious and rich-yet-subtle flavor to liven up winter soups and stews. The mix line also includes versatile herb bundles for seafood and pasta dishes.

Jacobs Farm extends their sincere gratitude for their customers’ confidence in their organic herb program this holiday season. 

About Jacobs Farm del Cabo:

Jacobs Farm Del Cabo was founded in 1980 as a small organic family farm dedicated to growing fresh, high quality, delicious food without damaging the environment. Today, our unwavering pursuit of social change in sustainable farming and business practices remains at the core of our company. To learn more, visit www.jacobsfarmdelcabo.com.