Rocket Farms to Expand Their Living Herbs Greenhouse Facility in Half Moon Bay, CA

HALF MOON BAY, CALIF. – Rocket Farms, the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the country, is announcing Phase 1 construction of their facility expansion in Half Moon Bay, CA. The company is currently rebuilding 128,000 square feet of existing space and implementing a new living herbs greenhouse. Rocket Farms aims to grow better plants with greater efficiency and will continue to pride themselves on the ability to innovatively grow and ship product around the country.

Through Phase 1, Rocket Farms is implementing a new water retention and recapture system to maximize water conservation as well as installing LED lights that will result in 48% energy savings. By using customized automation equipment, Rocket Farms can produce consistent quality at scale.

With a reconfiguration of space, the expansion also allows for the installation of 2,000 new growing tables. Rocket Farms will dedicate the space to greater capacity of production and testing more edible products.

Additionally, with Rocket Farms’ dedication to their community in conjunction to the environment, they will have more room to train employees and create a positive and enriching work experience for all.

Constantly innovating, Rocket Farms is always finding new ways to reduce their environmental footprint left by their facilities such as converting greenhouses into efficient bottom heat, with heat curtains installed to save energy, and reusing leftover materials to rebuild greenhouse and other mechanisms for production.

Phase 2 for the expansion is currently being planned.

About Rocket Farms
Founded in 1985, Rocket Farms headquarters itself in Half Moon Bay, CA, and is led by Nick Bavaro (President, COO) and Charles Kosmont (Chairman & CEO). With over 2.5M square feet of greenhouse space, Rocket Farms also operates out of Vista, CA, London, Ontario, and Mount Dora, Florida. Rocket Farms produces a multitude of herbs, edible, green goods succulents, flowers, bamboo, cactus, and foliage, and is the largest grower of indoor flowers, fresh cut herbs and potted edibles in the country. Rocket Farms is a USDA certified organic producer by CCOF and have dedicated 30% of growing space to organic production in Salinas Valley and Northern California coast. They are a Global Safety Initiative (GFSI) certified grower under Primus GFS ensuring the production of the safest food worldwide. For more information, please visit