Say “Yes You Kanzi” and Amplify Sales With This Hidden Treasure of the Apple Market

Wenatchee, WA: CMI Orchards sparkling new CatStats report shows Kanzi® apples live up to the name as a “hidden treasure”, maintaining its position as the #2 best-selling apple in Europe and quickly winning over consumers in the United States.

Danelle Huber, Senior Marketing Manager, explains that this apple’s sensational flavor dazzles American consumers across the board with consistent high ratings and positive feedback, according to data gathered from 500 people through an influencer mailout program. “On a scale from one to five, with five being the highest possible rating, Kanzi® holds strong at a solid 4.6 rating with no negative ratings,” says Huber. “This lines up exactly with what we’re seeing in the sales data for this apple. While pounds are falling for most varieties, a major country-wide retailer saw a 6% volume growth in Kanzi® over the last 52 weeks.”

Rochelle Bohm, Vice President of Marketing, says that the 52-week Nielsen scan data for this spectacular apple shows impressive performance. “Kanzi® commands one of the highest retail prices of all branded apples, and outpaces inflation with a 10.2% gain over last year,” explains Bohm. “It’s one of only five branded apples with retails over $2.50. This is an obvious indicator of its mounting popularity: shoppers are willing to pay more for Kanzi®.”

Bohm goes on to add that this stellar apple consistently ranks as the #1 foodie’s choice in blind taste tests and as the best-tasting apple pie apple. Ranked #1 in the Barstool Sports taste test, Kanzi® beat 15 other popular apples in a blind line-up to uncover the best apple on earth.

“Food enthusiasts regularly vote Kanzi® as the best-tasting apple in blind apple pie taste tests. Its spectacular flavor is only one part of it,” says Bohm. “Kanzi®’s texture means that it holds up when baked, and doesn’t turn mushy like other apples. This really gives customers an elevated eating experience whether they’re snacking or using Kanzi® as their new baking staple.”

Worldwide, Kanzi® ranks #2, trailing only behind Pink Lady. This is what Bohm says retailers are missing out on.

“Retailers need to capitalize on this premium apple to take their sales to the next level,” Bohm explains. “Kanzi®’s proven performance in markets is a testament to its growing popularity and remarkable sales success.”

About CMI Orchards

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