SCS Global Services Verifies Lufa Farms’ Marketplace Produce as Pesticide Residue Free

MONTREA – Lufa Farms is proud to announce that SCS Global Services is now certifying Pesticide Residue Free fruits and vegetables sold on their online Marketplace. They are the only farmers’ market in Canada that have implemented this certification, which verifies the absence of residual synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fungicides. Organic and Pesticide Residue Free certification logos will be displayed on their website’s Marketplace product pages.

Certification Process

Eligible producers, including Lufa Farms’ own rooftop greenhouses, will be required to provide samples of products to be tested by SCS for the presence of pesticide residues periodically. “Our Pesticide Residue Free Certification uses the most rigorous testing protocol available, making it an incredibly high bar to clear,” states Brandon Nauman, Technical Director from SCS. The certification threshold for the program is 0.01 ppm; however, the product can be conditionally certified if there are no residues above 0.05 ppm, provided that a corrective action plan is implemented to achieve the 0.01 ppm threshold, to be verified by subsequent sampling. “As of now, the goal is to only offer fresh produce that is certified organic or Pesticide Residue Free,” says Frédéric Leblond, Purchasing Director of Lufa Farms.

A Crucial Step Forward

In addition to this certification, Lufa Farms has a rigorous process for the selection of its partners. They are all carefully reviewed before onboarding and must be vetted against numerous sustainability criteria including no use of synthetic pesticides. “This is a step towards building the most safe and sustainable food system, and we’re really proud to be able to add an element that will strengthen the trust that Lufavores place in us,” states Lauren Rathmell, co-founder and co-CEO of Lufa Farms.


Lufa Farms is on a mission to create a better food system by growing food sustainably on city rooftops and partnering with hundreds of farmers and food makers, to provide customers with fresh, local, responsible food via their online Marketplace.  For more information about Lufa Farms, please visit their website.


SCS has been a leader in standards of sustainability and third-party certification since 1984, working with natural resources, environment, food and agriculture, consumption, and climate sectors. In partnership with businesses, government agencies, and NGOs, the company strives to advance sustainable development goals through independent assessment, the application of exact science, and innovative solutions. For more information about SCS Global Services, please visit their website.