Industry Leaders Welcome New Study of Save Foods’ Treatment Showing Extended Shelf-Life of Mangos While Virtually Eliminating Post-Harvest Pesticides

Miami, FL — Save Foods (NASDAQ: SVFD) (FSE:80W) (“Save Foods” or the “Company”), an agri-food tech company specializing in eco crop protection that helps to reduce food waste and ensure food safety, announced results of an independent study that shows Save Foods’ treatment can extend the shelf life and freshness of mangos while virtually eliminating the use of post-harvest pesticides.

Approximately 26% of mangos are lost between harvest and consumption. Pesticides are commonly applied in the post-harvest stage in order to reduce the loss of produce to decay. Growing concerns about the toxicity of chemical pesticides as well as increasingly stringent regulations regarding their use, especially in Europe, appear to indicate why there is an increase in the adoption of Save Foods’ eco crop protection treatments. With the recent organic recognition of one of Save Foods’ products, consumers can enjoy long-lasting pesticide-free mangos.

Itay Noked, agronomist and independent researcher (M.Sc. Post-Harvest), commented: “Save Foods’ treatments can be easily applied to fresh produce to prolong storage and reduce post-harvest loss. In the study I have independently performed, after 21 days in storage and 15 days on the shelf, twice as many mangos were still edible, while 75% less pesticides were used. These impressive results are significant for producers, packers, distributors, and retailers, as well as for consumers.”

Dror Eigerman, CEO of Galilee Export and a member of Save Foods’ advisory board, commented: “We are already using Save Foods’ treatment on all of our avocados and bell peppers. The excellent results of the latest study convinced us to expand our application of Save Foods’ treatments and to use the treatment on our mangos in the upcoming 2022-2023 season.”

Mr. Dan Sztybel, CEO of Save Foods Ltd., the Company’s Israeli subsidiary, commented: “Adding mangos to our commercial crop portfolio is an important milestone that will reduce seasonal revenue fluctuations as we move toward ramping sales in the second half of 2022.”

Mangos are one of the most popular fruits in the world, and in 2020, global fresh mango exports were valued at approximately $3.7 billion.

About Save Foods:

Save Foods is an innovative, dynamic company addressing two of the most significant challenges in the agri-food tech industry: food waste and loss and food safety. We are dedicated to delivering integrated solutions for improved safety, freshness and quality, every step of the way from field to fork. Collaborating closely with our customers, we develop new solutions that benefit the entire supply chain and improve the safety and quality of life of both workers and consumers alike. Our initial applications are in post-harvest treatments in fruit and vegetable packing houses that process produce including citrus, avocado, pears, mangos and bell peppers.

By controlling and preventing pathogen contamination and significantly reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and their residues, Save Foods’ treatments not only prolong the shelf life of fresh produce, but also reduce food waste and loss, while ensuring a safe, natural, and healthy product.

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