Sicar Farms Opens Cutting Edge New Facility

SiCar Farms, McAllen Texas announces the opening of their new location and facility.  The new warehouse has 100,000 square feet completely refrigerated, twenty-one loading docks, plus 12,000 square feet of new office space. Coolers capacity of 85,000 square feet with a storage capacity of just over 120 loads of product. 

Luis Gudino, CEO at SiCar Farms states, “Expansion plans have always played a key role in our organization since SiCar Farms offices were opened 2003 in McAllen, Texas.  Our operations have vastly increased during the past five years, managing twenty different commodities which has enabled us to increase our customer’s portfolio. Each commodity can have a wide range of varieties and sizes.  In parallel, our assigned volume has also increased as a result of our customers’ satisfaction and trust in our company and brand.  This new facility will accommodate three times as much of expected operational capacity.  Additionally, industry market’s needs are constantly evolving and so are we; our company principles and focus are innovative, modern and sustainable.”


The warehouse has the leading edge in rack technology, currently most functions are controlled by robotics and other high technology sorting line systems.  A focus on warehouse efficiencies will optimize inventory operations, increase product flow and reduce over fifty percent of forklift traffic throughout the warehouse.  SiCar Farms has their sights set on energy sustainability, with plans to install solar panels within the facility by or before 2020.  A newly automated pallet strapping device – straps each pallet within one minute, facility truck scales will all result in time efficiency and reducing overall operational costs.  LED lighting throughout, refrigeration system with isolated panels, IR2 system, which assist in quality control functions and tasks.  The facility is strategically located on the overweight corridor in McAllen, Texas.  This location enables SiCar Farms to maximize their container weights and extend the value to their customers.  


SiCar Farms is a company focused on sourcing and delivering the precise products that their clients’ request.  Gudino adds, “We are positioning our brand in the United States and Canada, and long-term, we would like to expand our business (fresh produce) to other continents.  The advantage we have is our CITROJUGO business unit, which is already recognized and delivers processed lime products to Europe and Asia.”

SiCar Farms was recently selected and honored with the 2019 Best of Mission Award in the category of Produce Wholesaler.  SiCar Farms recognized for their achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Mission, Texas area.  SiCar Farms has been acclaimed with this award for their ability to use their best practices and implement programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

SiCar Farms will be participating at this year’s 2019 Fresh Summit PMA in Anaheim, California for their 19th year.  SiCar Farms Booth #866 will be showcasing limes, key limes, organic limes, lemons, aloe vera, jicama, oranges, papaya, pineapple, avocados, coconut, peppers, tamarindo, tomatoes and others in the booth.  Be sure to stop by SiCar Farms booth #866 to meet with the SiCar Farms Team and enjoy the experience of farming.