Sicar Farms Lemons: Quality and Highly Nutritious

SiCar Farms announces their quality and highly nutritious lemons are available.  Mexican lemons have reached full production since May 2020.  SiCar Farms, President, Luis Gudino states, “Our Mexican lemon production has availability from July through December.  We have over a decade of year round availability producing quality and nutritious lemons.  Actually, our lemon production volumes have significantly increased over the past three years and we’ve seen outstanding blooming on our trees which have yielded an abundant harvest.”

SiCar Farms sources their lemons primarily from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico and Colima, Mexico.  Food safety and quality is of the highest importance at SiCar Farms.  Their dedicated food safety team examines each link of the logistics chain in an effort to streamline the entire process. SiCar’s new facility provides logistical advantages; with such close proximity to the growing region this enables SiCar to have the quickest logistics of farm to facility.  Additional benefits provide less product handling and foremost integrity within the cold chain management.  Gudino adds, “Our year-round availability, guarantees the right quality as well as the proper infrastructure to satisfy our customers’ specifications and needs in an expedient manner.”

Sicar Farms, supplies a variety offerings regarding lemons and limes, for example; lemon / lime bag 17/2 pound, lemon bag 17/2 pound, lemon bag 18/2 pound, lemon bag 8/5 pound and lemon bulk 38 pounds.   A selection of SKUs are available at retail level:  #4033 200s / 235s, #4958 140s /165s, and #4053 115s  / 95s / 75s. 

Gudino adds, “We would like to highlight the nutritional benefits of lemons to the industry.  According to WebMD[1], fresh lemon, the fruit, juice, and peel are used to make medicine.  Lemon is used for the common cold and fluH1N1 (swine) flu, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), Meniere’s disease, stomach upset and vomiting from pregnancy, and kidney stones. It is also used to aid digestion, reduce hay fever symptoms, reduce pain and swelling (inflammation), lower blood pressure, improve the function of blood vessels, and increase urination to reduce fluid retention.” SiCar Farms is based in McAllen, Texas and began their journey 14 years ago with the main goal of selling their products to retailers.  Today, SiCar Farms, is a successful grower, packer and distribution company focused on providing high quality and nutritious fruits and vegetables throughout the United States and Canada. For more information on

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