Summertime Tomato Alert – Sunripe Certified Brands Announces New Partnership

Two premiere fourth-generation produce companies, Pete Pappas & Sons and Sunripe Certified Brands, have partnered in Smoky Mountain Family Farms of Newport, Tennessee. 

Smoky Mountain Family Farms (SMFF), a premium tomato farming operation is now in partnership with Sunripe Certified Brands, a powerhouse North American tomato grower. 

This partnership in SMFF combines the Pappas’s strengths as a premier distribution organization and Sunripe Certified Brand’s strengths as a leading farming organization. It will advance the outdoor American-grown tomato industry through innovation and shared core values. 

“On behalf of the Esformes and Heller Families I’m honored to announce our partnership with the Pappas Family in Smoky Mountain Family Farms. For nearly seventy years our families have done business together. In an increasingly complicated landscape the opportunity to combine our shared values and differing skill sets is very exciting. It’s a partnership that we all believe will create a truly unique experience for our combined customers.”

Says Jon Esformes CEO, of Sunripe Certified Brands. 

The families have 70 years of history in doing business together, with multiple generations both buying and selling premium produce to one another. 

Of the partnership, Aris Pappas COO of Pete Pappas & Sons says: “The Pappas family is ecstatic about uniting with Sunripe Certified Brands, who we know is one of the leading tomato growers in North America. We look forward to the growth and advancement that this partnership will bring to Smoky Mountain Family Farms”. 

For more information about Smoky Mountain Family Farms contact Aris or Jon directly.