SunWest Launches its new Halloween Branded Program for Late Season Peaches and Early California Mandarins

SunWest is pleased to announce the release of their exciting new Halloween themed Branded Program for late season Yellow Peaches and first to market California Mandarins…Both just in time for the Fall promotions.

SunWest Fruit Company a leading grower/packer/shipper of both late season stone fruit and California citrus is promoting the “Last Flame” variety yellow peaches under their Peach-O-Ween™ moniker as well as the “Miho Wase” mandarin under their Mand-O-Ween™ Brand.

“We are excited to be able to launch our new branded program that highlights the beginning of the fall season and brings the colorful and spooky fun of the Halloween Holiday to your produce department.” says Gino DiBuduo, Sales Director.

Last Flame Yellow Peach-O-Ween™ will be packed in both a Single Layer Euro Carton for bulk sales, as well as in a 2lb high graphic pouch bag.  Peach-O-Ween™ will be available Now through Mid/Late October. 

“We made the decision to offer both bulk and bag to give the retailer the option on how to merchandise the fruit given their store format.  Some traditional retailers are able to build attractive displays with our high graphic cartons while still marketing the traditional bulk format and utilizing the theme with our oversized PLU stickers.  While others can use the high graphic bags to supplement their department with an additional peach offering and can drive incremental sales and/or cross merchandise.” Says Gino DiBuduo.

SunWest Miho Wase Mand-O-Ween™ will be offered in a 2lb, 3lb, or 5lb bag, as well as bulk.  The Mand-O-Ween™ will be available for loading Mid October through Early November. 

“The Mand-O-Ween™ program is especially exciting not only because the timing overlap perfect for the Halloween holiday, but as well because it is one of the first California mandarins to hit the market, and we felt it was a perfect way to kick off the season.”  Say Gino DiBuduo.

SunWest will offer the Mand-O-Ween™ in similar format to the Peach-O-Ween™ where they will have both bags with high graphics as well as themed oversized PLU stickers.

A juicy treat that’s spooky sweet, SunWest has what’s good to eat! 

Please contact SunWest for further details on how you can get this fun fall program in your stores

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