Awe Sum Organics Announces Organic Green & Gold Kiwi and Organic Chilean Blueberries for the Winter Season

Awe Sum Organics Organic Green and Gold Kiwifruit are sourced from top growers in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to ensure a year-round supply. One of nature’s most perfect and nutrient rich foods, our Kiwifruit are always harvested at the ideal time for peak flavor and perfect ripening. Brix levels and dry matter content are carefully monitored throughout the growing season and fruit is not harvested until the balance between the two are just right. We are now excited to offer our new crop Organic Green and

Gold Kiwifruit from the Northern Hemisphere available from October through May. According to the PMA report published on June 2, 2020 organic kiwi sales increased by 50.5% during the same time period year over year.

We are also excited to now offer our new crop organic blueberries from Chile.  Awe Sum Organics Chilean blueberries are bursting with sweet flavor and a hint of tartness your taste buds will love. These delicious and nutritious berries are grown in the most Northern part of Region IX, in the southern part of the Central Valley of Chile surrounded by volcanoes. The deep rich, volcanic and unusually fertile soil together with the optimal climate are perfect for organic blueberry production. The most Northern part of Region IX experiences little rain during growing and harvest seasons, ensuring strong fruit and a reliable and bountiful  supply. This area produces some of the most Awe Sum blueberries available during that time. Our Awe Sum Organic

Chilean blueberries are 100% Duke variety and are available in market from late December through early February. The Duke variety retains fresh quality and are known for their mildly tart and delicious flavor. This variety has large berry size and is very firm.

Contact us if you are interested in building a reliable and secure program of high quality fresh and Awe Sum new crop organic kiwi and blueberries for the winter months.

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