The Company Behind the $50 Strawberries is Now Selling Berries for $20 a Tray

Oishii made waves last year for its wildly expensive strawberries, fetching $50 for a box of eight to 11 berries. Based in the bastion of vertical farming that is Kearny, New Jersey, the company began supplying fruit to Michelin-starred restaurants (whose chefs clearly believed the product was worth the price).

They’ve since rolled out to select stores in Manhattan and Los Angeles and have become something of a sensation among social media influencers seeking clout by chomping into a box of $50 berries.

This week, the firm announced the opening of a new 74,000-square-foot farm in nearby Jersey City, which will be devoted entirely to growing strawberries. Along with that news comes word that the company will lowering the price of its $50 Omakase Berries — $20 bucks will get you a tray of eight to 11 berries, $11 will get you six and $6 gets you three. For those still keen to pay $50 for some strawberries, good news, that’s still the price for six of the company’s First Flower Berries. So…win-win?

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