The Evolution Of Wholesalers and Distributors of Organic Fresh Produce

Monterey, CA – The first of six educational sessions at Organic Produce Summit 2019 will focus on the changing role of wholesalers and distributors of organic fresh produce and its impact in providing fresh organic items to consumers across the globe. “The Evolution of Wholesaler/Distributors of Organic Fresh Produce”, will feature leaders from three geographic regions of the United States discussing the evolution and expansion of organic fresh produce wholesalers and distributors.

The Organic Produce Summit is a two-day event specifically designed to bring together organic fresh produce growers, shippers and processors with retailer and buying organizations from across North America.  Over 1,400 attendees will meet July 10-11 in Monterey, CA to exchange ideas, information and insight of the organic fresh produce industry.    

Moderated by Mark Munger, vice president sales and marketing for 4Earth Farms, one of the largest suppliers and distributors of organic fresh produce in the country, the educational session will feature a panel of leading industry experts offering information and insight on the evolution of wholesalers and distributors of organic fresh produce.

Panelists include Elizabeth Nardi, CEO, The Organically Grown Company; Greg Kurkjian, vice president and general manager, The Crosset Company and Mark Hill, sales, Baldor Foods.

“The growing demand for organic fresh produce has led to an evolution of the role wholesalers and distributors across the country play in offering products to consumers.  Wholesalers have expanded their emphasis and focus in keeping up with consumer demand,” said Munger.   “The session will be an excellent chance for OPS attendees to hear how wholesalers from the West coast, Midwest and East coast are adapting, expanding and meeting the growing demands placed on bringing organic produce to retail outlets across the country. “

The educational session announcement features the first of six educational sessions focused exclusively on the multi-billion-dollar organic fresh produce industry.   In addition, two keynote presentations featuring organic consumer activist Robyn O’Brien and award-winning chef and author Dan Barber, as well as a Retailer Roundtable including three of the nation’s largest and most progressive retailers, highlight the fourth annual OPS.

Other educational sessions at OPS 2019 will include:

  • “Organic Sales Analysis and the Organic Consumer
  • “Tackling Food Waste— Good for the Planet and the Bottom Line
  • “International Insights and Trends on Organic Produce”
  • “International Organic Produce Supply”
  • “Organic Ready Meals at Retail”

OPS 2019 also includes a selection of field tours for retailers and buyers; a gala opening night reception and a trade show featuring 148 producers and processors of organic fresh produce from across North America and the globe.

Limited registration is still available to attend OPS 2019.  For more information, visit


About OPS:

The Organic Produce Summit was started in 2016 as a live event bringing together growers, shippers and processors of organic fresh produce and retail buying organizations across North America.  The Organic Produce Summit is held every July in Monterey, CA.