The Makers of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE Ignite Conversation Around Fussy Avocados with New Campaign: “ALL REAL. NO DRAMA.”

ORANGE, Calif. —The makers of the WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE brand announced today the launch of its national advertising campaign, “ALL REAL. NO DRAMA.™”, created to support the brand’s commitment to helping consumers enjoy the goodness of avocados without the fuss. It’s no secret that people love guacamole—it’s flavorful, filled with good fats, contains fiber, and pairs well with so many other foods. However, avocados can be unpredictable. They are not always ready when you need them. In fact, 38 percent of Americans have wanted to make guacamole but were unable to do so because the avocados weren’t ready or ripe[1] and nearly 70 percent of avocado users have thrown away all or part of an avocado because it was unusable[2]. Through the launch of the new campaign, America’s No. 1 refrigerated guacamole is showing consumers how it takes the guesswork out of enjoying avocados and delicious guacamole.


“We know that dealing with avocados can be a gamble. WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE can save you from the hassle of fussy avocados,” said Diana Pusiri, senior brand manager of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE.“With this campaign, we cut through all the frustrating avocado situations, inspiring consumers to enjoy delicious, hassle-free guac anywhere, anytime.”

Avocados’ unpredictable nature invokes almost as much passion as their deliciousness. The company’s new digital campaign, developed in partnership with top creative agency, BBDO San Francisco, personifies avocados’ unpredictability in a series of video, banners and social advertising that’s built around a troupe of characters, including:

  • DeeDee the Diva: she takes forever to be ripe and ready, and then she’s only perfect for a moment (but what a moment it is!).
  • Benny the Bruiser: he may seem tough with his thick skin, but underneath he’s a total softie and bruises with the slightest touch.
  • Serious Susie: she’s a total hard ball who just won’t ever soften – not for anyone.
  • Mushy Meredith: she’s overly sensitive – too soft and mushy when it comes to just about anything.
  • Nervous Noah: the nervous one who can’t get rid of the pit in his stomach. He’s tried all kinds of techniques to get it out – he’s even been under the knife. 


“We’ve all been there – you’re excited about the avocado sitting on your counter, you cut it open and it’s either not ripe or it’s gone way too far. Avocados are amazing, but let’s face it, they can be a hassle,” said Jason Moussalli, creative director, BBDO San Francisco. “WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is the answer, and we’re excited to bring this troupe of characters to life in film and other media.”

Check out the 30-second YouTube video here and access the campaign assets via this link. 

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products are ready to serve making it easy for people to enjoy tasty guac. Featuring only high-quality ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavors, WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is available at retailers nationwide. To learn more about the brand, visit

About the WHOLLY® Brand 
The WHOLLY® brand is part of MegaMex Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of pre-prepared Mexican food across the country. A global leader in food safety, quality and innovation, the WHOLLY® brand uses cold water pressure to seal in all the delicious flavors. In addition, each product is made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and is gluten free and kosher certified. All WHOLLY® products are available nationwide in the produce or deli section of grocery stores. For more information, visit

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[2] According to Google Insights survey data – 1,000 respondents nationwide, Dec. 2018