The Makers of WHOLLY GUACAMOLE to Provide “Avocado Hand Insurance” for the Biggest Weekend in Football

ORANGE, Calif. — With the day of the Big Game ripe for Avocado Hand injuries, the makers of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE want to remind fans and viewers everywhere that its line of ready-to-serve guacamole products offers ongoing insurance for your hands—”Avocado Hand Insurance“1. Fifty-five percent of Americans2 plan on eating guacamole on Game Day, and statistics show that spectators will consume 105M pounds of avocados3 that day—more than any other day in the year. But sometimes avocados have their perils: there were approximately 8,900 visits to the ER in 2018 due to injuries directly tied to slicing avocados4—and based on increased use during the Big Game, no defense can plan for the insurgence of avocado-related injuries to come. 

That’s where WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE comes in. As America’s #1 refrigerated guacamole made with real ingredients and hand-scooped Hass avocados, these ready-to-serve bowls are a step up from unpredictable avocados. While it is not an insurance company, the makers of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE have put their money where the pit is by giving guacamole fans an opportunity to enter for one of 54 chances (in celebration of the 54th annual Big Game day) to win free WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products—aka “Avocado Hand Insurance”—for an entire year5.

“By its very nature, WHOLLY ® GUACAMOLE is Avocado Hand Insurance,” said Diana Pusiri, senior brand manager of WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE. “With our convenient, peel-and-serve guacamole bowls, you can insure yourself against the injury that befalls thousands each year.”

Guacamole fans across the U.S. are invited to retweet the “Avocado Hand Insurance” post from @eatwholly on Twitter from 1/28-2/3 for one of 54 chances to win free guacamole for a year. The WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE brand has you covered!

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products make it hassle-free for people to enjoy tasty guacamole anytime, anywhere. Featuring only high-quality ingredients with no added preservatives or artificial flavors, WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is available at retailers nationwide. To learn more about the brand, visit

WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE is a brand of MegaMex Foods, one of the largest manufacturers of pre-prepared Mexican food across the country. A global leader in food safety, quality and innovation, WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products use cold water and high pressure (instead of chemicals and other methods that zap flavor from foods) to help maintain the avocado’s nutrients and delicious flavors. In addition, each product is made with hand-scooped Hass avocados and is gluten free and kosher certified. All WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products are available nationwide in the produce or deli section of grocery stores. For more information, visit

1 We aren’t an insurance company, but we encourage you to buy our WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE as insurance against avocado hand injuries
2 According to a Google Insights survey of more than 1,000 Americans in January 2019
3 According to a 2018 stat released by the Hass Avocado Board
4 Based on 2018 Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates
5 52 coupons for free WHOLLY® GUACAMOLE products ($7.99 value each)