The Star Group: Wash Your Plastics Down the Drain

The Star Group is working with synthetic biology to create a plastic punnet that consumers can put directly into their backyard or balcony composter. The Star Group goal is to create a circular bioeconomy in packaging that enhances the display of fresh produce and is completely sustainable and has zero impact on the environment. 

‘This is the moonshot. We need to create a single stream of plastic packaging in our industry that is backyard biodegradable. Just think of washing used plastic down the drain. This would be something really simple for consumers and an absolute home run for consumers, said David Karwacki, CEO of The Star Group.

The Star Group has been working with Canadian scientists in the pursuit of a clamshell that is completely biodegradable, and produced from pre and post consumer food waste. The Canadian government has mandated to ban single-use plastics as early as 2021. The very properties of plastics that has reduced food waste in the supply chain and displays fresh produce for consumers also contribute to environmental degradation through its persistence. 

‘I think plastic has been great for fresh produce but really destructive to our environment. By using technology we can cost effectively create bioplastics that are not damaging. We can have all the benefits of plastic without killing our oceans,’ claims Trevor Charles, CSO of Metagenom Bio and Director of Waterloo Centre for Microbial Research.