Vertical Field Changes the Kosher Produce Consumption

TEL AVIV, Israel — Vertical Field announces its Star-K certification so that any company or community in cities around the world can benefit from growing and supplying its own fresh kosher greens locally and easily. Star-K recognizes that Vertical Field’s pesticide-free, soil-based urban farming operations lend themselves to producing naturally kosher products, in its highest level.

In fact, the greens are grown indoors in Vertical’s Field’s Urban farm, entirely free from exposure to insects, and since green agricultural produce is a naturally occurring plant that comes from the earth, they’re almost fail-safe kosher after washing.

Vertical Field offers a never-been-done-before approach for supermarkets, restaurants, institutions, and hotels to take complete ownership of the supply chain by growing their own vertical living walls of delicious, naturally kosher greens  at the same time removing transportation expenses, reducing inventory costs, and ensuring year-round food supply regardless of climate or weather conditions.

CEO of Vertical Field Guy Elitzur said, “What Vertical Field offers together with the global kosher organization Star-K is the opportunity for anyone to enjoy kosher produce grown onsite at the local supermarket, restaurant, university, or company. You cannot get fresher greens if you pick it right off the wall once it’s ready for harvesting. With Star-K’s support and collaboration, Vertical Field is changing the way people think about kosher greens and vegetables.”

President of Star-K Dr. Avrom Pollak said, “Vertical Field’s revolutionary agro-technology offers the kosher consuming community a healthy, organic, pesticide-free solution for agricultural produce, ensuring peace of mind and promising quality. We are thrilled to be a part of this innovative new food supply initiative that makes kosher-eating communities’ lives easy and healthy.”

Vertical Field is committed to scaling the urban farm concept as well as exploring collaborations in agro-tech.

About Vertical Field

Vertical Field develops vertical indoor farming and landscaping solutions for urban environments and smart cities. The company was established in 2006, motivated to restore nature in the urban lifestyle. Vertical Field specializes in indoor and outdoor vertical plant growth solutions that improve well-being and environmental conditions in cities.