Dr. Schär’s Gluten-Free Breads Receive Kosher Certification

June 16, 2022  Dr. Schär USA 

Dr. Schär USA proudly announces that its gluten-free Artisan Baker Breads received Kosher certification under the Orthodox Union (OU)—thus validating the highest standards of kosher certification, as well as high quality food standard assurance.

Parmalat Debuts a Game-Changing New Dairy Spread – Nata

October 19, 2021 Parmalat

Global dairy group Parmalat has just released an innovative cream spread set to carve out a new category in the Hispanic dairy market. Nata Crema para Desayuno (Nata Breakfast Cream) is a delicious, naturally sweet clotted cream made with real California whole milk. Popular in Mexico and Latin America, the spread is the perfect complement to your daily breakfast or a cravable snack. Spread it on toast topped with honey, put a spoonful on your favorite fruit, or mix it into your favorite dessert.

World’s Largest Kosher Certifier Won’t Endorse Impossible Pork

Impossible Foods, the plant-based meat company, is releasing a long-awaited new product — but unlike the wildly popular Impossible Burger, it won’t be certified kosher.

Abeles and Heymann Now a Top Tier Kosher Hotdog

August 25, 2021 Abeles and Heymann

“For over 60 years, it’s been our mission to provide the best Kosher hotdogs on the market,” said Seth Leavitt, CEO of Abeles and Heymann. “I’m extremely proud of our performance, and look forward to continuing the founding family’s standards for quality, authenticity and mission to provide the finest kosher provisions available.”

Meijer Expands its Line of Passover and Kosher Food in the Detroit Area

March 12, 2021 Kayco

When Southfield shoppers head to their local Meijer store ahead of Passover, they’ll find a full-court shopping experience like no other. Not only has Meijer expanded its kosher lineup to offer the largest-ever assortment of traditional and new products, but consumers will enjoy the best prices around.