Windset Farms adds HarvestHold Fresh for postharvest quality

Denver, Colorado. Windset Farms® and Verdant Technologies announce a partnership for the use of Verdant’s postharvest shelf-life extension solution, HarvestHold Fresh®. The companies will partner on a retail pilot for tomatoes-on-the-vine supplied from Mexico into select retailers in the US, with the intent to expand into additional locations. Windset Farms is an industry leader in utilizing state-of-the-art technology and sustainable growing practices to supply consistent, high-quality produce to the marketplace.

Growers world-wide have experienced pressure to meet demand while combating increasing consumer expectations, higher input costs and supply chain troubles. “HarvestHold Fresh is another avenue to explore that addresses the shelf life of fresh produce” said Jeff Madu, Windset Farms Vice President of Sales. “The decision to move forward with this initiative aligns with our commitment to continuously look for ways to improve the customer experience through innovation and sustainability practices. We are very pleased to partner with Verdant for this retail pilot.”

In a previous trial with HarvestHold Fresh, Windset Farms tomatoes were treated and shipped from Central Mexico to British Columbia, Canada. At the end of the 22-day trial, results showed significant benefits in firmness, reduction in decay, improved visual appearance, and longer shelf life.

For consumers, this means less money wasted on produce gone bad, and for the supply chain, it means enhanced value, less food waste, and end-to-end quality improvement. These results also contribute to a more resilient and sustainable food supply chain.

“We’re very excited about what we’ve seen in previous trials with Windset Farms, and we’re happy to be moving forward to bring the benefits of HarvestHold Fresh to Windset’s customers and end consumers,” said Paul Oklesh, Sales Director at Verdant Technologies. “Windset Farms is an ideal partner for us because they’re clearly an innovator in the industry. They see demand is changing, they’re on the forefront of embracing technology, and they’re proactive about addressing the challenges of tomorrow.”

Windset Farms plans to launch the retail pilot with HarvestHold Fresh in October 2022.

About Windset Farms®

Windset Farms® is one of the largest Controlled Environmental Agriculture (CEA) producers and marketers of sustainable, greenhouse grown produce in North America, with extensive operations in British Columbia, California, and Mexico. Offering a wide range of high-quality produce, including tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuces, and specialty items, we never stop looking for ways to improve every aspect of our operations in the most sustainable way possible. Customers include top grocery retailers and food service suppliers. After 25 years of growing, Windset is still 100% family owned and operated and proud to be ‘Your Friends in Freshness®’. For more information visit

About Verdant™ Technologies

Verdant™ Technologies is an emerging leader in the ag tech industry, offering HarvestHold® product life extension technology for floral and produce products. Verdant Technologies and its partners work hand-in-hand to reduce negative environmental impacts and help bring nourishment to more people in more places. Verdant Technologies has corporate offices in Denver, CO, and St. Paul, MN. More information can be found at Follow Verdant Technologies on LinkedIn.

About HarvestHold Fresh®

HarvestHold Fresh® by Verdant Technologies is the first of the company’s patented products available in the U.S. marketplace*. As fruits and vegetables are harvested, growers and packers simply insert a recyclable sheet of HarvestHold Fresh into packaging from which 1-MCP is released using a plant’s natural chemistry. Find out more at

*HarvestHold Fresh has received U.S. state approvals in 49 states, with anticipation of California registration approval forthcoming.

About Gulftech International

Verdant Technologies is a subsidiary of Gulftech International. Gulftech is a diversified holding company with a core competence in developing and operating global manufacturers of industrial equipment and components. Gulftech is an owner, operator, and steward to a family of companies serving the world’s most important food production and processing companies. Gulftech’s mission is to acquire and nurture companies, investing in sustainable growth and long-term success. Gulftech’s focus is on middle market, long-term acquisition opportunities in manufacturing, packaging, distribution and industrial aftermarket parts and service. Gulftech has corporate offices in Denver, CO. For more information, visit