Verdant Technologies to Partner with Sobeys Inc. on Innovation to Eliminate Ice from Sobeys’ Broccoli Supply Chain with HarvestHold Fresh

April 9, 2024 Verdant Technologies

Verdant Technologies is expanding the adoption of its HarvestHold Fresh® product in Canada to improve the sustainability and efficiency of the North American broccoli supply chain. HarvestHold Fresh is an in-box sheet that uses an industry-standard ingredient, widely used in commodities like apples and flowers for more than two decades to extend freshness and shelf-life. HarvestHold Fresh is placed in produce boxes immediately after harvest to slow ripening and maturation so that produce can maintain its vitality and taste for longer.

SunFed and Verdant Technologies Partner to Deliver Fresher, Greener Cucumbers

March 29, 2023 Verdant™ Technologies

Through its simple and effective application method, HarvestHold Fresh® by Verdant™ Technologies is helping the fresh produce industry reimagine supply chains with longer lasting fruits and vegetables. The company’s latest success has come with cucumbers, where HarvestHold Fresh has shown delayed yellowing and reduced shriveling, resulting in extended shelf life. 

Windset Farms adds HarvestHold Fresh for postharvest quality

October 21, 2022 Verdant™ Technologies

Windset Farms® and Verdant Technologies announce a partnership for the use of Verdant’s postharvest shelf-life extension solution, HarvestHold Fresh®. The companies will partner on a retail pilot for tomatoes-on-the-vine supplied from Mexico into select retailers in the US, with the intent to expand into additional locations. Windset Farms is an industry leader in utilizing state-of-the-art technology and sustainable growing practices to supply consistent, high-quality produce to the marketplace.

University of Florida Research Demonstrates Significant Tomato Results with Verdant Technologies

August 24, 2022 Verdant Technologies

A recent study by the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Science (UF-IFAS) found the shelf-life of grape tomatoes can be dramatically improved using an innovative postharvest solution by Verdant™Technologies. The research team, led by Dr. Steven A. Sargent, conducted a variety of tests on grape tomatoes, examining the firmness, color, weight retention, and decay of tomatoes treated with Verdant’s HarvestHold Fresh®. Upon completion of the study, HarvestHold Fresh demonstrated measurably significant benefits compared to the untreated control.

Verdant Technologies Receives EPA Label Expansion for HarvestHold Fresh

June 29, 2022 Verdant Technologies

Verdant™ Technologies announced approval from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of an expanded label of HarvestHold Fresh®, including the addition of 18 crops.